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    What Is The $1 Million Copyright Lawsuit Taylor Swift Has Been Hit With?

    Taylor Swift is easily one of the most popular and influential names in the music industry. The 32-year-old pop star is known for her song lyrics that are often inspired by her personal life. One of the best-selling musicians of all time, Swift’s records has sold over 200 million worldwide.

    Swift is recently marred with several lawsuits. The recent one is a copyright lawsuit from an author. Earlier, the “You Need To Calm Down” singer was earlier this year slapped with another lawsuit from songwriters over alleged plagiarism. It would be interesting to see how the singer dodges these issues.

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    Taylor Swift Slapped With A Million Dollar Lawsuit

    Taylor Swift's educational background
    Taylor Swift

    It seems that controversies are not going to leave Taylor Swift anytime soon. The pop star has been hit with a million-dollar copyright lawsuit from an author.

    According to The Daily Mail, author Teresa La Dart has sued the Grammy Award winner for more than a million dollars alleging she copied their 2010 self-published book of poetry, “Lover” for the companion booklet for the 2019 “Lover” album.

    Dart filed the complaint in a Tennessee federal court on August 23 and accused the “Blank Space” singer of ripping off her tome of ‘poems, anecdotes, and photos.’

    They have alleged that the book’s ‘vibe and design’ was copied and used for the cover of Swift’s album. The complaint states that the two works have the same title and each one is a ‘recollection of past years memorialized in a combination of written and pictorial components.’

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    Swift Is Already Embroiled In Another Copyright Lawsuit

    Taylor Swift completed her high school from home
    Taylor Swift

    This is not the first copyright lawsuit Swift has been slapped with. Earlier, songwriters Sean Hall and Nathan Butler claimed that her 2014 smash hit is copied from a single from the group 3LW that peaked at No. 81 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 2001.

    The suit was first filed in 2017, and was dismissed but has been reopened after an appeal. Taylor has denied the allegations.

    Taylor said she had little opportunity to hear it when it first came out. She said her parents “did not permit me to watch (MTV’s hit countdown show) TRL until I was about 13 years old.”

    She said, “The lyrics to ‘Shake It Off’ were written entirely by me.” Taylor wrote in her court filing: “Until learning about Plaintiffs’ claim in 2017, I had never heard the song ‘Playas Gon’ Play’ and had never heard of that song or the group 3LW.”

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