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    What Was Ava Gardner’s Cause Of Death? How Much Money Did She Have In The End?

    In the glimmering haze of Hollywood’s golden age, Ava Gardner was a name that turned all heads to the beath of her heel’s clicks. Born on December 24, 1922, in Smithfield, North Carolina, she emerged as the youngest among seven siblings in a family grappling with poverty. Ava’s ascent to stardom was nothing short of a feat. With a backdrop as depressing as hers she surely was a shot of espresso in a mimosa. 

    Renowned for her roles in films like ‘The Killers’ (1946) and ‘The Barefoot Contessa’ (1954), Gardner’s on-screen presence was nothing short of magnetic. A true femme fatal icon if you ask me. However, her tempestuous romances with the equally enigmatic Frank Sinatra and controversial liaisons often dominated the headlines. And that followed Gardner throughout her years in the glam business until her vices took her to an untimely grave.

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    Ava Gardner’s Controversial Life In The Spotlight

    Ava Gardner
    Ava Gardner

    Ava Gardner’s love life was like a Hollywood script on steroids. She was 19 in a white dress when Mickey Rooney told her that she was his princess. But even Cinderella didn’t have a happy at 19. Thanks to Mickey’s wandering eye and less-than-charming behavior, this marriage was over even before the ink on their registration dried. Ava’s charm didn’t skip a beat, though. The list of her lovers only grew from there. What? The girl was barely 20. She went on to catch the eyes of Artie Shaw, Howard Hughes, and even Ernest Hemingway—yes, that Hemingway.

    But it was her dance with Frank Sinatra that really stole the show. Sinatra, leaving his marriage for Ava, set off a spark that burned with both passion and turbulence. They were the talk of the town, those two—on again, off again, and always under the microscope. It was almost like Selena & Justin, if JB had dated, married and had three kids with Haliey Biber first. 

    Amidst all this tabloid drama, Ava never once jumped off her ladder to be at the top of it all. I got to give it to her, the poor girl from a broken family built quite the career. She wasn’t just a pretty face, she earned her stripes with critical acclaim and nominations.

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    How Did Ava Gardner Die?

    Ava Gardner's Last Portrait
    Ava Gardner’s Last Portrait

    As Gardner aged, Hollywood’s spotlight shifted away from seasoned stars like her, catering to the youth over experience (History of it all). This even led the 50s queen to eliminate the flashing cameras from her life completely except while working. You do remember Ava Garnder’s last portrait shot by Tom Zimberoff in her sweats. What an iconic picture to leave the world with.

    While Ava’s earlier success did pave the way for iconic roles, the cinematic landscape changed with time and she found herself in disaster movies and occasional TV appearances. Then, in 1986, a stroke altered the course of her life, leaving her partially paralyzed and marking the end of her acting days. Ava retreated to London, seeking a quieter existence away from the bright lights. On January 25, 1990, at 67 years old, Ava Gardner passed away at her London home, the same one where she posed for her last portrait. Pneumonia claimed the life of Hollywood’s legend after she battled it alongside the effects of her stroke.

    The Hollywood Royalty’s Wealth

    Ava Gardner
    Ava Gardner

    While the woman practically defined Hollywood glamour from the minute it became a thing, the glam didn’t pay for itself. Not enough at least. Her life was like one of those epic movies, with all the twists and turns you already guessed. Her finances at the deathbed weren’t as good as they were while she was manning up for Sinatra. Ava made serious money back in her prime but as time went on, Hollywood changed. Roles dried up, opportunities shifted, and Ava’s health restrained her from working in her last years.

    By the time she passed away in 1990, Gardner’s estimated net worth was around $200,000, according to Celebrity Net Worth. Now, that might seem like chump change for someone of her caliber, but it tells a bigger story. Her decision to move to Europe in the ’60s and the industry’s evolution all played a part. Plus, a stroke in ’86 didn’t help matters. The old flame Frank Sinatra reportedly stepped in to help cover her medical bills. I mean it was only fair after she stuck around for his 19 pounds you know what. 

    Despite the ups and downs, Ava Gardner’s name remains synonymous with Hollywood royalty. Her films and timeless allure are still the pinnacle young actresses strive to achieve. 

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