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    Did Hailey Bieber Steal Justin From Selena Gomez? Model Finally Tells The Truth About Her Marriage

    It has always been a field day for the ‘Jelena’ fandom! The turbulent relationship between Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez has haunted them both. The paparazzi, fans, and the media have gone overboard to attack the two in every way possible. However, another person who has been under constant pressure is Hailey Bieber.

    The on-and-off relationship between the ‘Sorry’ crooner and ‘Same Old Love’ beauty has had serious repercussions. The fans, since the marriage, have pitted Hailey against Selena. At the Met Gala Red Carpet, the fans hurled “Selena” chants. In some or other ways, both Justin and Selena have addressed people’s behavior, and Hailey is now addressing it for the first time.

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    Hailey Bieber Will Address ‘Stealing’ Justin Bieber Claims On ‘Call Her Daddy’ Podcast

    Hailey will talk about Justin and Selena
    Hailey will talk about Justin and Selena

    Alex Cooper is back with a new episode on her famous podcast ‘Call Her Daddy.’ On the podcast, Alex deep-dives into the lives of celebrity guests to fish for answers to controversial questions. In her new episode, we will see the supermodel Hailey Bieber talk about marrying Justin Bieber, and her identity post-marriage.

    One of the most controversial claims that Selena-Justin fans made is that Hailey “stole” Justin from Selena. The duo made their relationship public in 2010, and they ended it in 2012. They both addressed the break-up, and also reconciled in 2017. However, after a year, the singer married Hailey Bieber.

    In the teaser of the podcast, Cooper asked Hailey, “How has being married to someone with that level of fame impacted your identity?”

    Hailey responded, “Where do I start?” In the episode, for the first time, Hailey will open up about Selena-Justin. In the podcast, Alex hints, “Your husband was in a very public relationship. People were obsessed with them [Justin and Selena] being together.”

    She dropped the C-bomb. The podcaster asked, “Were you ever with Justin romantically, at the same time as her [Selena]?” To this, Hailey responded, “Um….this is so crazy I’ve literally never talked about this ever. A lot of the hate and perpetuation comes from like [the idea that] ‘you stole him.’ ” The teaser ended when the supermodel said, “It’s about people knowing the truth.”

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    “I Have Never Been Excited For Something”: Fans Are Ready For The Episode to Drop

    It has been 12 years since Justin declared love for Selena. The duo had been on and off for a long time. In between, both explained their sides of the stories to the media. They finally called their relationship completely off in 2017. After the marriage with Hailey, Justin and his wife are faced flak from the fans who shipped ‘Jelena’. Now, the supermodel is addressing the topic for the first time, and fans are curious to know her side.

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