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    Where Is Anya-Taylor Joy From And How Did She Learn To Speak English?

    Since her star-making part in Robert Eggers’ ‘The Witch,’ Anya Taylor-Joy has been on Hollywood’s radar. She went on to star in ‘Split,’ ‘Thoroughbreds,’ and ‘Radioactive.‘ She also appeared in the ‘Peaky Blinders’ series, becoming a household name with ‘The Queen’s Gambit.’

    Aside from her career, Anya Taylor-Joy has a fascinating intercontinental upbringing. Her father is from Argentina, while her mother was born in Zambia. Despite being born in Florida, English was not her first language. Instead of traditional learning, she turned to the realm of movies and fantasy novels to learn the language.

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    Anya Taylor-Joy Learned English Through Pop-Culture

    Anya Taylor-Joy learned English by watching ‘School Of Rock.’

    Having spent her childhood in Buenos Aires, Anya Taylor-Joy was shocked by her family’s move to London. As a rebellion, she refused to speak English, hoping it would convince her parents to move back. But reading the ‘Harry Potter‘ books and watching movies changed her perception.

    She voiced Princess Peach in ‘Super Mario Bros. Movie’. Anya Taylor-Joy revealed she has been a fan of Jack Black’sThe School Of Rock.’ It was a movie she watched on repeat, helping her learn the language. She has often spoken about ‘Harry Potter‘ books being an essential part of her learning, as her uncle used to sit her down with one of the books.

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    Anya Taylor-Joy Ethnicity And How Many Languages Does She Speak?

    Thanks to her mixed heritage, Anya speaks English, Spanish, and French.

    Thanks to her parents and grandparents, Anya Taylor-Joy’s heritage combines Argentinian, British, and Spanish. Despite English not being her first language, Anya Taylor-Joy is now a fluent speaker. She also has a firm grasp of Spanish, which she learned during her time in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Her Spanish is articulate, with an intense and inescapable Argentinian accent to date.

    Despite mastering two languages, she had time to conquer a third one. ‘The Queen’s Gambit’ star speaks a little French. Her mother would often talk to her in French growing up. Despite being a little rusty, she can understand the language during her trips to Paris. However, she doesn’t speak the language herself.

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