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    “White Women Have A Lot To Learn From Black Women”: Gwyneth Paltrow Reveals The Fault In America’s White Girls

    Gwyneth Paltrow recently made a self-observatory comment about the stark differences between how white and black women conduct themselves. Conflict and debate between the two communities is a highly sensitive topic, especially after movements like ‘Black Lives Matter’, but Paltrow tried to shed light on what White women can learn from Black women’s sense of appreciation of other women and complete self-acceptance.

    While celebrities tread carefully when making a comment on this controversial topic, the ‘Emma‘ actress shared her belief that White women are not raised to support each other nd accept oneself as well as Black women do, which is something Paltrow has learned through her friendships.

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    Gwyneth Paltrow Thinks White Women Are Raised To Be Competitive And Jealous

    Gwyneth Paltrow discussed her perspectives on the differences she has observed between black and white women in a recent interview with Dr. Ella Bell at the Makers Conference in Beverly Hills, California. The actress stated that her Black women friends have “incredible intrinsic self-honoring,” which extends from the deepest part of their souls to the tips of their fingers”.

    My Black women friends know themselves, love themselves, in a way that I think White women are not taught to,” explained Paltrow, adding, “I think White women are taught to be competitive with one another which is something I’ve tried to work so hard to dispel, because I don’t believe in competition between women — but we’re raised to be competitive, to be jealous, to look over each other’s shoulders.”

    And, at least in my circle of Black women, they do not do that,” the Academy Award winner continued. “There’s an immediate acceptance and safety and appreciation.”

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    “Learned So Much From My Dark Skinned Friends About Ruthless Self-Acceptance”: Paltrow

    still from the conference
    Paltrow at the conference

    Gwyneth Paltrow strongly believes “White women have a lot to learn from Black women.” She continued with humbleness, “I’ve learned so much from my Black friends about ruthless self-acceptance and full love of self. And I think we as White women in this culture have a lot to learn from our Black sisters and the way in which they respect themselves. And I’m not sure exactly where that comes from.”

    The Goop mastermind thinks that African American women are like a collective, more like an “interwoven beautiful connection” that she has witnessed and it’s her earnest hope to see White women start to cultivate that within themselves and in their friendships.

    Well, some people on social media have pointed out that putting one community down and lifting another in a public conference to show your support and win on the moral ground isn’t a great thing to do. But having the awareness and openness to learn from good examples is something Paltrow is striving for in her life. She continued, “Keeping White women at odds with each other, in competition with one another, keeps the patriarchy strong.”

    Meanwhile, in the conversation, she also said that “women should rule the world,” and that with Goop, she and her colleagues “want to give women access to great things.” Well, it’s clear that Paltrow is all for women’s power.

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