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    “Why Can’t Anything Be Normal?”: Kaley Cuoco Reveals The Unusual Place Where Pete Davidson Wanted To Meet Her

    Kaley Cuoco who worked in an upcoming movie ‘Meet Cute’ with Pete Davidson, revealed that she met him for the first time in an unusual place. She also talked about her husband James who played in the Netflix series ‘Ozark’.

    In an interview with Jimmy Fallon, she shared an embarrassing self-portrait she drew and told how she and Fallon are “TV-related“. To know more about the interview scroll down.

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    Kaley Cuoco And Pete Davidson Met In An Escape Room

    Kaley Cuoco and Pete Davidson

    Kaley came to the ‘Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon’ to promote her upcoming movie ‘Meet Cute’. When asked about her co-star Pete Davidson, she revealed that she met him for the first time in an escape room. Pete apparently wanted her to come to the escape room to meet for the first time. She shared that Pete was a “happy person” always and he never failed to be happy.

    The director, Pete and Cuoco herself met for the first time in an escape room to get to know each other before they started shooting the film. Kaley commented, “Why can’t anything be normal?” Fallon then joked that one might get to know oneself truly only inside an escape room. She also said that she would take her next co-star to the escape room and act witty since she knows all the answers now.

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    Jimmy Fallon And Kaley Cuoco Bond Over TV

    Kaley Cuoco and Jimmy Fallon

    Jimmy Fallon brought out a picture of Kaley’s Instagram post wherein she has shared about Sharon Stone who acted as her mother in the series ‘The Flight Attendant’. Fallon revealed that Stone also acted as his mother in the film ‘The Year of Getting to Know Us’. Then the ‘Big Bang Theory’ actress commented that they were both ‘TV related’.

    Kaley has heard already that Fallon and herself shared the same TV mother. She also shared that her mother commented on that Instagram post with Stone: “Hi!” This was to connote that she was her actual mother. Fallon also joked that his mother was the happiest when she found that Stone played her in the movie.

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