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    Why Did Andrew Garfield “Starve” Himself Of Sex And Food For A Role?

    Andrew Garfield is a name synonymous with good looks and impressive acting chops. The 39-year-old actor has appeared in several critically acclaimed and commercially successful films. He is also the recipient of a Tony Award, a BAFTA TV Award, and a Golden Globe Award.

    The ‘Hacksaw Ridge’ star is also a method actor it appears. He is known for digging deep into a character. In a recent interview, Andrew talked about starving himself of sex and food for a role. This level of method acting is surely impressive and the actor has been appreciated for it.

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    Andrew Garfield Took Method Acting To Next Level

    Andrew Garfield
    Andrew Garfield

    Andrew Garfield has done a number of successful films like ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ series and ‘Hacksaw Ridge.’ 

    In a recent episode of the “WTF with Marc Maron” podcast, the actor revealed he abstained from sex and food to prepare for his role as a 17th-century Jesuit priest in Martin Scorsese’s 2016 film ‘Silence.’ “I did a bunch of spiritual practices every day, I created new rituals, I was celibate for six months and I was fasting a lot,” Andrew said.

    He continued, “It was very cool, man. I had some pretty wild, trippy experiences from starving myself of sex and food at that time.” The actor also talked about method acting. “There [have] been a lot of misconceptions about what method acting is, I think. People are still acting in that way, and it’s not about being an a-hole to everyone on set.

    It’s actually just about living truthfully under imagined circumstances and being really nice to the crew simultaneously and being a normal human being and being able to drop it when you need to and staying in it when you want to stay in it.”

    Andrew Garfield Has Decided To Take A Break From Acting

    Andrew Garfield
    Andrew Garfield

    In April this year, Garfield made a declaration that disappointed his fans. The ‘Tick, Tick…Boom!‘ actor stated that he will be taking a break from acting after the release of the true-crime series ‘Under The Banner Of Heaven.’

    When asked about his plans the actor said, “I just wants to be ordinary for a while”. He added: “I’m going to rest for a little bit. I need to recalibrate and reconsider what I want to do next and who I want to be and just be a bit of a person for a while.”

    Andrew explained the reason for his break. “It’s so fun and you get to hang out with people that you love and admire and you get to be a part of a conversation that is so privileged,” he said.

    “You get to experience all the firsthand, visceral [parts of] being a part of that community and the dynamics,” Andrew added.

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