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    Why Did Bill Hader Reject Doing ‘SNL’ Movie Based On Stefon?

    If you have a famous sketch on ‘Saturday Night Live,‘ chances are you’ll be asked to adapt it into a feature-length film. Bill Hader was given the same proposition when Lorne Michaels asked if he and John Mulaney wanted to adapt Stefon in a movie.

    Both Hader and Mulaney said no at the time. Years after that case conversation, Hader is opening up about being pressured into turning his beloved SNL character into a potential movie. But he resisted the idea, stating Stefon has no merits as a movie character.

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    Why Bill Hader Didn’t Turn Stefon Into An ‘SNL’ Movie

    Former ‘SNL’ member and co-creator of ‘Barry’ was pressured to make a movie based on Stefon

    Bill Hader opposed the idea of Stephon showing up in his spin-off movie. Despite feeling pressured to “a hundred percent,” Hader was adamant about keeping Stefon exclusively to show up for during the ‘Weekend Update’ segment of the sketch comedy show, where it had a great run.

    Bill Hader told The New Yorker, “It’s this weird combination of being open, but also clearly knowing what you don’t want. Like, nah, I don’t want to do a Stefon movie. It didn’t work as a sketch! That’s why it was on Weekend Update. And the reason people liked it is because I kept laughing.”

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    Bill Hader On The Possibility Of Bringing Back Stefon

    Bill Hader as Stefon

    Since leaving the cast of ‘SNL‘ in 2013, Hader has worked on ‘South Park’ and written two feature scripts. The evolution of one of these scripts led him to create the Emmy-winning HBO series ‘Barry.’ which is currently in its fourth and final season. After ‘Barry,’ Hader will work on a horror movie project.

    ‘Barry’ creator recently opened up on the possibility of bringing back Stefon. Hader previously told The Guardian about having qualms playing a gay character as a heterosexual male in this political environment. However, he mentioned in the interview that his statements were maybe out of an anxious reaction to the question.

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