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    Is Bill Hader Returning To ‘Saturday Night Live’?

    Bill Hader has made a name for himself as a comedian, actor, and director. He joined the sketch comedy show ‘Saturday Night Live‘ and worked with them for eight seasons. Hader left SNL in 2013 and by that time he had received several Primetime Emmy nominations for it.

    Recently, the ‘Barry‘ creator expressed his interest in making a comeback on the show and playing one of his most iconic characters, Stefon, again. So let’s take a closer look at what Hader said and if he is actually returning. Generally, actors don’t reprise their characters on SNL once they part ways.

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    Bill Hader To Return To ‘Saturday Night Live’

    Bill Hader came up with 'Fish Sticks' joke about Kanye West
    Bill Hader

    In a recent interview with The Independent, Bill Hader said that he wants to play Stefon again in ‘Saturday Night Live.’ The slow-talking gay character became really popular on the show.

    I’ve never had any gay man come up to me and be offended that I [played Stefon],” he said. “I’ve always had people come up and say how much they love those roles. Honestly, I don’t know why I said [I wouldn’t play him anymore].”

    Hader added, “I probably would play him. I think just being asked the question at that point in time kind of made me anxious.” In 2022, he said that he won’t play the character as it would be seen as a stereotype.

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    Hader Is Dating Ali Wong

    Ali Wong and Bill Hader
    Ali Wong and Bill Hader

    On the personal front, the representatives of the ‘Tropic Thunder‘ actor recently confirmed that he is officially dating Ali Wong. He recently talked about his “girlfriend” in an interview without taking names.

    But his rep. has confirmed that he was indeed talking about Wong who is also an actress and writer. “My girlfriend and I were just figuring out that I haven’t had a vacation in 10 years. I went with her to San Francisco, but that doesn’t really count. So, I’m going to have a vacation,” he said.

    Last year, they dated for two months right after the ‘Beef‘ star had divorced Justin Hakuta. Hader had also split with Anna Kendrick at that time.

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