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    Why Did Shia LaBeouf Convert To Catholicism? How Did It Save His Life?

    Shia LaBeouf has been in the film industry since his childhood. He was 14 when he started getting attention for his acting in the Disney series ‘Even Stevens’. He struggled with drug and alcohol addiction throughout his 20s. The addiction game is something that is not new to the industry when it comes to child actors.

    The #MeToo era brought to the notice of the world the horrendous predators that hinged along in Hollywood. The movement decommissioned many sexual offenders like the Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein. Shia LaBeouf, although claims to be sober for many years, showed repercussions of sadistic behavior to the people around him. He said in an interview that converting to Catholicism saved his life.

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    Catholicism And How It Saved LaBeouf’s Life?

    Shia LaBeouf

    The abusive actor, LaBeouf, told Bishop Robert Barron, in ‘Conversations at the Crossroads’, that religion saved his life when he was at the lowest point. “I had a gun on the table. I was outta here,” he added on about his suicidal thoughts. According to reports, LaBeouf felt like he was on ‘fire’ before connecting with Catholicism. He told Bishop that he wanted to die but also had the ‘desire to hold on‘. He confessed to his guilt and admitted shame: “The kind of shame that would make one forget how to breathe.”

    Padre Pio‘ director Abel Ferrara’s connection, brought into LaBeouf the zeal to rehabilitate his career. He stayed at a seminary in San Lorenzo, California. He started living in his car, in the parking lot in preparation for a role. The actor feels that the connection is a ‘divine intervention’ because he got in touch with many people who have had similar experiences like him. LaBeouf told Bishop that he felt ‘unworthy’ of getting into religion. However, after meeting people who had gone through the same, he finally ‘let go‘ of his vain glories. He started feeling ‘hope‘ sooner. In ‘Padre Pio’, he plays the character of an Italian Franciscan Capuchin friar. notes that the character is famous for showing stigmata, or crucifixion wounds like those on the body of Jesus Christ.

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    Addiction And Repercussions

    Shia LaBeouf

    LaBeouf famously known for his autobiographical film, “Honey Boy”, faced a tremendous suit following his ex-FKA Twigs’ allegation against him of sexual battery. The allegations against him included: strangulation, infecting STD onto FKA Twigs, physical and verbal abuse, and shooting stray dogs with a gun to get into the character for the film ‘The Tax Collector’. Musician Sia and Director Olivia Wilde also backed up and supported the singer FKA Twigs’ statements on Instagram. Olivia Wilde is not the person who would take on a ‘bad a** behavior. LaBeouf showed a bad attitude to casts and crew of ‘Don’t Worry Darling‘. He was fired by Olivia Wilde immediately.

    Before going public with the allegation, the plaintiff, Twigs, tried to settle the issue in private. The victim’s attorney states that the 36-year-old actor declined to get appropriate treatment for his abusive behavior, only then, did they bring the issue to court. Consequently, after the surplus evidence against him, his attorney declared that he is currently undertaking measures for therapy and inpatient treatment. While exploring meditation, Shia LaBeouf noted that his life slowly started to change. Thus, he converted to Catholicism in order to recuperate his hope in life.

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