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    Why Did Taylor Swift Say Her Pet Cat Owes Her $40 Million?

    Every Taylor Swift fan knows the singer’s love for cats. She is positive about the fact that they have a large influence on her life. Thus the cats are themselves celebrities. Taylor has three feline companions – Meredith Gray (after the character from the series Grey’s Anatomy), Olivia Benson (inspired by the character from ‘Law & Order: SUV‘), and Benjamin Button (Brad Pitt’s movie character of the same name). She even acted in the 2019 movie adaptation of ‘Cats’ as the character Bombalina.

    Taylor loves her cats for their independence, dignity, and their capability to deal with their own lives. Once the singer had said that one of her cats owed her a large sum of money. So why did the Grammy winner say that her pet cat owed her $40 million?  

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    When Taylor Swift Said Her Cat Meredith Gray Owed Her $40 Million

    Meredith Gray and Olivia Benson

    On March 14, 2015, Taylor Swift shared a photo with a red scratch mark on her thigh. The photo tweeted was captioned “Great work Meredith. I was just trying to love you and now you owe me 40 million dollars.” This was after reports emerged that the musician had insured her legs for the whopping amount.

    Meredith Grey is named after the character of the same name from the TV series ‘Grey’s Anatomy‘, played by Ellen Pompeo. Meredith is a Scottish Fold. Swift acquired her before the other two cats on Halloween of 2011. Swift claims Meredith to be one of the best cats and adds that she is never aggressive or afraid to be around people.

    Taylor’s injury

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    Are Taylor Swift’s Legs Insured?

    Taylor with Olivia

    The post was shared amidst the rumors that the pop singer had insured her legs for $40 million. These reports came in March 2015, claiming that Swift and her team had her legs evaluated for insurance against possible injury, and they were valued at $20 million each. It has not been confirmed if the singer was stating a fact or if she was making fun of the rumors spread.

    Meredith is a very private cat and may not be able to afford the sum. But Taylor’s second cat, Olivia can do so. She is the world’s second richest cat with a net worth of $97 million. Well, Taylor lives a luxurious life and so do her cats.

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