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    Why Did The NPA “Force” Olivia Wilde To “Cut Some Portions” From ‘Don’t Worry Darling’ Trailer?

    Olivia Wilde is one of those actresses who have successfully transitioned into filmmaking. The 38-year-old multitalented artist forayed into direction with the 2019 teen comedy ‘Booksmart‘ which earned her an Independent Spirit Award. She is now gearing up for the release of her next directorial venture, ‘Don’t Worry Darling.’

    The upcoming psychological thriller is set to premiere at the 79th Venice Film Festival. But the film ran into trouble with the rating body. Recent reports suggest that Wilde was nearly forced to chop down some portions from the film’s trailer. This didn’t go well with the actor-director.

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    Olivia Wilde Had To Remove Portions From Her Film’s Trailer

    Olivia Wilde

    Olivia Wilde’s second directorial venture ‘Don’t Worry Darling‘ has been in the news lately for different reasons. Now there is a new one and that’s related to the MPA and the film’s trailer. In an interview with The Associated Press, Wilde talked about how she had to chop out some scenes at the last minute from the trailer due to the nature of its content.

    Oh, yeah. There’s a lot that had to be taken out of the trailer,” she said. “The MPA came down hard on me and the trailer at the last second and I had to cut some shots, which I was upset about because I thought they took it up another notch.”

    She discussed how “we still live in a really puritanical society,” but said that sexuality hasn’t always been censored. “I do think the lack of eroticism in American film is kind of new. Then when it comes to female pleasure, it’s something that we just don’t see very often unless you’re talking about queer cinema.”

    Olivia continued, “Audiences aren’t as puritanical as corporations think they are. And yet people get upset. I mean, people are upset with me already over this. I think it’s a testament to the film. We want to be provocative. The idea is not to make you feel safe.”

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    The Drama Between Olivia And Shia LaBeouf

    Shia LaBeouf was fired by Olivia Wilde for the movie 'Don't Worry Darling'
    Olivia Wilde and Shia LaBeouf

    Earlier it was reported that Wilde had fired Shia LaBeouf from the film and the studio attributed it to “scheduling conflicts.” Recently, Wilde talked about it in an interview.

    She said, “I say this as someone who is such an admirer of his work. His process was not conducive to the ethos that I demand in my productions. He has a process that, in some ways, seems to require a combative energy, and I don’t personally believe that is conducive to the best performances.

    But the actor has refuted her claims and stated that he left the film because of inadequate timing for rehearsals. The ‘Transformers‘ actor shared multiple screenshots of the mail he had sent to Wilde on August 2020.

    Shia also shared sent a video of Wilde talking while she was driving. The actress-director says, “I feel like I’m not ready to give up on this yet, and I too am heartbroken and I want to figure this out,” in the video.

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