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    Harry Styles Said Yes To Olivia Wilde’s ‘Don’t Worry Darling’ For ‘Love And Obsession’ Factor

    Don’t Worry Darling,’ has already taken social media by storm. It stars the Oscar-nominated Florence Pugh and the pop star and former One Direction member, Harry Styles. The actor-turned-director, Olivia Wilde, in her recent interview with Variety, shared what all went behind creating this psychological thriller.

    The casting of the film was one of the crucial aspects of the movie, which Olivia talked about extensively. She revealed, “To cast the people I wanted and release it in the way I wanted — and I wanted theatrical.” She wouldn’t compromise on the actors and their performance to make this movie exactly how she had pictured it. Getting Harry Styles on board was a difficult task. He almost didn’t get cast, but what exactly attracted the singer to finally come on board with the movie?

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    What Made Harry Styles Accept The Movie Offer?

    Harry Styles loved the complex character of 'Jack' in 'Don't Worry Darling'
    Harry Styles loved the complex character of ‘Jack’ in ‘Don’t Worry Darling’

    Initially, for the role of the lead character of Jack, Shia LaBeouf was picked. However, just before the production started in 2020, he was fired by Olivia. Olivia already had Harry Styles as her first choice for Jack, but since Styles was busy with music production and his upcoming concert, Love on Tour, he declined due to the conflicting schedules. When the pandemic hit in 2020, Styles’ concerts were canceled. It became the perfect opportunity for him to focus on his film and acting career, and he grabbed it. “We found the perfect Jack, and luckily, it’s kind of magical that it ended up being our first choice,” Wilde told Variety.

    When asked the ‘Watermelon Sugar,‘ singer about what attracted him to the movie, he said, “I think the story as a whole attracted me to the role of Jack. It felt like an opportunity to play someone who is incredibly complex, caught between love and obsession. There were always two sides of the character to play with. It’s fun to play someone that you feel like you’re trying to work out the whole time.” The singer, who won his first Grammy, was thrilled to solve the challenges which came with his complex character.

    The ‘As It Was’ Singer Shares The ‘Best Piece Of Advice’ He Received From Olivia Wilde

    What piece of advice did Olivia Wilde give to Harry Styles which inspired him?
    Olivia Wilde and Harry Styles

    Apart from the role of Jack and the compelling movie plot, Styles was also inspired by Wilde’s passion for work. He shared one of the “best pieces of advice” he received from her during the project: “The first step is to lose the Oscar you won in the shower that morning. Listen, and do the scene with your partner, not at them. Be a human, tell the truth.” Styles was also encouraged by Olivia’s approach in communicating with the cast. He said, “As a director, Olivia is incredibly focused. She communicated what she was looking for from the cast with both clarity and respect,” Styles says. “I think transitioning from acting into directing has made her a director who knows how to get the best out of everyone.”

    Don’t Worry Darling’ is scheduled to debut at the Venice Film Festival on September 5 and will make it to the box office on September 23.

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