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    Why Was Flo Rida Banned By Bugatti?

    If you are a Gen-Y kid who grew up with 2000s rock n roll music you would be well aware of Flo Rida who became one of the chart toppers in the 2010s. He became the ultimate party pop rapper of his time. The first word that comes to mind when someone says pop stars is expensive cars. Rock, and pop stars, and Buggattis make a better pair than bread and butter.

    At this point owning a luxury car like Bugatti has become more of a status symbol than a passion. Recently there has been a swirl of luxury brand cutting ties with celebrities like Kanye West being cut from Balenciaga. Let’s take a look at why Flo Rida is banned by Bugatti.

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    Bugatti Bans Flo Rida

    All that these brands want is a good promotion by people’s favorite celebs driving their cars. But they certainly don’t want to be talked about like Flo Rida made them. In 2011 Flo Rida was pulled over by the police while driving his Bugatti Veyron.

    The report revealed that the singer was charged with drunk driving. He was put through a sobriety test which he failed miserably. A prestigious brand like Buggati could not handle a dent like that on their name and the pop star has been banned from Bugatti’s showrooms ever since.

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    What’s The Reason Behind Flo Rida’s Downfall?

    Flo Rida’s songs were the epitome of vibe and catchy lyrics. along with the right pop hook singer. His hit song ‘Low‘ became an instant hit and even rose up to the number 1 position. In 2015 he released his album ‘My House‘ which included the hit song going down for real titled, ‘G.D.F.R‘.

    Since then, Flo Rida has gone under the radar among all the other pop rappers from that time. A reason for all these artists hitting a tough road is because that kind of pop rap music is not that prevalent in the industry anymore. But still, this singer has made many promises for releasing new music for his fans.

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