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    What Was The Beef Between Drake And XXXTENTACION?

    It has been four years since XXXTENTACION died in an unfortunate situation. The young rapper started garnering fame and success. He touched upon certain dark facets of life in his lyrically charged and power-infused bars. The ’17’ rapper has had a tumultuous life before and after the fame. He was a troubled child. He had serious criminal charges like armed robbery, possession of arms, etc., Due to this, he was sent to the juvenile center.

    But, when he started making music in 2013, he started gaining wide recognition amongst his contemporaries. He collaborated with artists like Lil Uzi Vert, Lil Pump, Juice Wrld, and Kanye West. Along with friends and good colleagues, XXX have had some ongoing feuds with certain artists. The rapper had beef with the Migos when he thought they allegedly attacked him during a skirmish in 2017. But, he later apologized for the mishap. However, there remained some unresolved beefs like the one with Drake!

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    Why Were Drake And XXXTENTACION At Loggerheads?

    Drake and XXXTENTACION
    Drake and XXXTENTACION

    Drake has had some massive fallout and beef with his contemporaries. The ‘Her Loss’ rapper made diss tracks, called them out in public, and sometimes even got physical. Drake had beef with Tyga. He posted a picture of Kylie Jenner and him together. The two also released tracks about one another.

    It was alleged that Drake and Sean “Diddy” Combs went into a physical altercation in 2014. One of the most explosive beefs with Pusha T where he released a song saying that he is secretly parenting a child with the adult star Sophie Brussaux.

    However, it is the beef with XXXTENTACION which fired up again after his death. In 2017, he was in prison. He had charges of assaulting his pregnant girlfriend. During that time, XXXTENTACION alleged that Drizzy sampled one of his tracks ‘Look At Me’.

    The rapper said, “He could have reached out to me personally and spoken to me and it definitely would have been more respectable. But he dropped that preview and it sounded a bit like ‘Look At Me’ and he could be a huge, huge help in this situation to get me out of jail, because I’m facing life. So that’s just how I feel”.

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    The Beef Between Drake And Him Escalated


    However, it did not seem that the two fixed it. XXXTENTACION went hard on the Canadian rapper. In March 2017, he tweeted, “drake mom kinda cute, she could get it”. According to, in an interview, the ‘Revenge’ rapper said, “[Drake] is not a man. I think he’s a b***h, that’s a b***h move”. In April 2017, he released a diss track referring to Drake’s rapping skills.

    He said, “If [Drake] can do a whole f–kin’ album, or even 2-3 f–kin’ songs, originally, that does not sound like anyone else’s cadence or does not have a f–king sample, and just sounds like him originally, he’ll get my kudos…”

    XXXTENTACION also claimed that if he does so, he will run butt naked in the streets and get a tattoo. He continued, “I’ll run around the street butt-ass naked, I’ll tattoo Drake name on my ass cheek if he can be original for 2 seconds or outrap me!”

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