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    Why Did Kanye West Fire His Former Bodyguard Steve Stanulis?

    Kanye West has had a whirlwind 2022. He has been at the center of controversies making headlines. When the year started, West and Kim Kardashian announced their divorce. But, he got very vicious bullying and harassing Kim Kardashian, his family, and ex-beau. The rapper’s bitterness tripled in the end months of the year. In October 2022, he debuted a new Yeezy collection with ‘White Lives Matter’ printed on it. This brought a heavy backlash from industry people and audiences online.

    But, he went on a hateful spree with his anti-Semitic comments. These comments backfired on Ye. Kanye lost many major deals with the industry heavyweights plunging his net worth. After the fiasco, many employees from his former affiliated companies came out to narrate his erratic behavior. Adidas and Yeezy employees talked to Rolling Stone about his pornographic penchant. Now, his ex-bodyguard will release a documentary ’15 Days With Kanye’ chronicling his employment with the rapper.

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    Kanye West Fired His Ex-Bodyguard For Allegedly Flirting With Kim Kardashian

    Steve allegedly flirted with Kim Kardashian
    Steve allegedly flirted with Kim Kardashian

    The former couple Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have finalized their divorce in November 2022. The reality TV star will receive $200k per month for the child support and the two will have joint custody with their two kids. She declared herself single in March 2022. They got married in an opulent affair in Italy. When they were together, Steve Stanulis, the former NYPD officer, was recruited as Kim’s bodyguard. But, his experience with them was not pleasant.

    In 2020, Steve talked to various media organizations about his stint with the couple. However, Kim and Kanye threatened him that they will sue him for $10 million for violation of the NDA. But, he got a cease and desist with $3,800 remaining remuneration. In an exclusive interview with The U.S. Sun, he talked about the documentary ’15 Days With Kanye’.

    He told the outlet, “I said, ‘Let me address the elephant in the room, you know, tell my side of the story from my point of view, and then nobody has to ask me about it again. You know, the three sides to every story. What people want is the truth’ “.

    The documentary will cover the events when Stanulis was with the rapper and how his erratic behavior unfolded. One of the things that he touched upon was why he got fired. He said, “I got famously fired for trying to hit on Kim, which was silly”. He cleared that air that he was utterly professional when he was with the SKIMS founder.

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    Steve Was Not Surprised With Their Divorce

    Steve Stanulis
    Steve Stanulis

    In the interview, he chronicled the first time when he met Kim and got reprimanded. He said, “When I first met Kim, you know, I was supposed to be with her. So when she first came into the studio, I said, ‘Hey Kim, I just wanna introduce myself. My name is Steve. I’ll be your security.’ Within the first five minutes, I got reprimanded and taken to the side and was told, ‘Don’t talk to Kim’ “.

    Stanulis also said that he was not surprised with their recent divorce at all due to lack of affection. Steve continued, “It was like I discovered the Titanic. I’ve never seen them snuggly or hold hands or anything romantic. You know, even like when they were together, they kissed each other goodbye, and I don’t mean like make out. I mean just like, ‘Hey, see you later, hun.’ I never saw any affection.”

    He said, “I just thought it was odd. I’d be with them sometimes 17, 18 hours a day and she’d be doing her thing, and then he’d do his thing”. John Bianco has directed the Steve Stanulis’ documentary ’15 Days with Kanye’. It will be premiering at the New York City Film Festival on January 19th, 2023.

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