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    “You Are A Traitor! You Are A C**t”: Trump Supporters Chase Down Robert De Niro Who Spoke Against Trump Outside NYC Courthouse

    It is unbelievable what happened to one of the most respected and senior actors of Hollywood. Robert De Niro was heckled by a crowd of Trump supporters recently. The actor also lost his cool and called the people there as gangsters. So what happened and what did De Niro say in his speech. 

    We will look into all of that in detail right here. The incident happened outside the courtroom where Donald Trump is on trial right now. A new conference was held by Joe Biden’s campaign. And that is where De Niro addressed the press warning America of Donald Trump. 

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    Robert De Niro Addressed The Press Outside The Courtroom 

    Robert De Niro at conference
    Robert De Niro at conference

    Former US president Donald Trump is currently on trial and this is the first time in history that a former president has to face the courtroom. Now, Joe Biden’s campaign called for a news conference outside the courtroom and they enlisted Hollywood actor Robert De Niro to address the press. 

    ‘The Intern’ star did not lose any time slamming the former president. He called him as someone who can “destroy the world.” “The Twin Towers fell just over here, just over there. This part of the city was like a ghost town, but we vowed we would not allow terrorists to change our way of life. … I love this city. I don’t want to destroy it. Donald Trump wants to destroy not only the city but the country, and eventually he can destroy the world,” Robert De Niro said.

    I don’t mean to scare you. No, no, wait — maybe I do mean to scare you,” De Niro added. “If Trump returns to the White House, you can kiss these freedoms goodbye that we all take for granted. And elections — forget about it. That’s over; that’s done. If he gets in, I can tell you right now, he will never leave.”

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    Robert De Niro Heckled By Pro-Trump Protestors 

    Robert De Niro loses his calm
    Robert De Niro loses his calm

    After the conference ended, De Niro clashed into Trump supporters while returning back to his car. The 80-year-old actor was heckled by the supporter who screamed rather nasty things at him. They called De Niro a “wannabe,” “paid sell-out”, a “nobody” and a “little punk” whose “movies suck.” Some protestors even shouted, “You are a traitor! You are a c**t” at the actor.

    De Niro also lost his calm and said, “You’re not going to intimidate. That’s what Trump does. … We are going to fight back. We’re trying to be gentlemen in this world, the Democrats. You are gangsters. You are gangsters!” When one protester yelled, “You’re washed up,” De Niro shot back, “F— you.”

    The war of words between De Niro and Donald Trump have been going on for a long time now. This time it was very sad to see such a veteran actor been heckled by a crowd.

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