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    “You Gotta Be Joking”: Katy Tur Recalls Her Reaction When Dad Zoey Came Out As Transgender

    Katy Tur recalled her real feelings about the time her father came out as transgender. She gave details of the same in her new book ‘Rough Draft: A Memoir’. Kate is an American author and broadcast journalist. She is an anchor for MSNBC Live. Tur has also reported for NBC news platforms like Early Today, Today, NBC Nightly News, Meet the Press, WNBC-TV, MSNBC, and The Weather Channel. Her trans father Zoey Tur is also an American broadcaster and a commercial pilot.

    In her book, Katy describes her parents through her own experiences. She depicts the good and the bad side of her famous parents. Katy expressed that she wants the world to know the naked truth and nothing else. Her father Zoey Tur’s coming out as a transgender was very shocking for Katy. After the revelation, they became estranged and didn’t contact each other for 10 years.

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    Shocking Revelations By Katy Tur About Her Dad

    Katy Tur
    Katy Tur says about her feelings when her father declared he is trans

    Katy Tur described the time her father came out to her in her book. She also spoke about her reaction to it. “My dad said, ‘I am a woman.’ And I said, ‘What? And my dad said, ‘I’m a woman. I’m transitioning, I’m going to become a woman,’” she recounted on CBS Sunday Morning. “And I remember being at first puzzled and saying, ‘You gotta be joking. You’re kidding, what are you talking about?’”

    “And my dad was adamant. ‘I’m the wrong person. I’m going to become the right person. Don’t you see? This is why I’ve been so angry.’ And it was really just, it was a lot,” Katy added. She said that her goal is to depict the truth about her famous parents just like she sees them.

    “My parents did amazing things. They went from nothing to something big and important. And who wouldn’t want to read that story? I want that story to be down. I want my kids to know this. I want them to know my parents the way that I knew my parents, even if they never ended up meeting their grandfather. And part of the story is the violence. If I only wrote the good stuff it would have been a lie. It’s a business where you’re not supposed to lie. You’re supposed to tell the truth and this is the truth,” Katy explained.

    Zoey Tur’s Apology To His Daughter Katy

    Zoey Tur the father of Katy Tur
    Zoey Tur apologized to her daughter

    Katy’s father, Zoey, also took the opportunity to apologize to her daughter. According to her, she and her daughter “Were very close. She really looked up to me, and I failed her. No father wants to fail their daughter.” She also addressed her daughter’s allegations regarding fits of anger. “Throwing batteries? Probably, yeah. Punching walls. There were a couple.”

    “I was in the news business and we were under extraordinary pressure. I could be very intimidating for sure. And if the kids felt I was intimidating, I apologize. I did the best I could”, according to Zoey.

    She added, “I’m not hiding anymore. And if it takes an act of public humiliation in front of a camera to make Katy feel better, feel vindicated, so be it. I’m happy to do that. I love her that much.”

    Katy Tur’s book ‘Rough Draft: A Memoir’ comes out on June 14.

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