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    “You Never Know”: Donna Kelce Makes A Cautious Remark About Her Son Travis And Taylor Swift’s Relationship

    Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce‘s love has never been off the headlines since the stars started dating last year. Their individual popularity coupled with their love story has got fans swooning over their perfect lives. While many are eagerly waiting for them to get hitched, several rumors run wild.

    Amid all the frenzy around a proposal, Travis Kelce’s mother Donna Kelce has spilled some beans on the possible tying of the not between the the NFL star and the pop sensation. Speaking during a special Mother’s Day episode of The Martha Stewart Podcast‘, Donna Kelce shared her thoughts on her son’s relationship with Taylor Swift. Here’s what she said.

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    Here’s What Donna Kelce Said About The Prospects Of Her Son’s Relationship With Taylor Swift

    Taylor Swift and Donna Kelce
    Taylor Swift and Donna Kelce

    Donna Kelce has been quite supportive of her son’s relationship with Taylor Swift from the very beginning. In fact, she has also grown close to the pop sensation over the months as they were spotted together several times, especially during Kelce’s games.

    Speaking about Travis’s relationship with Taylor during the recent podcast interview, Donna yet again revealed her warm approval of the blossoming romance. When the host Martha Stewart navigated the conversation toward the highly popular connection between Travis and Taylor, Donna was cautious about her optimism

    You never know,” the 71-year-old mother of the NFL star said. “Time will tell, but I know that they’re both friendly. They’re both generous. They’re both loving. They’re both caring individuals,” she added. 

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    Taylor Swift’s Relationship With Travis Kelce Continues To Blossom

    Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift
    Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift

    The show host Martha Stewart further steered the conversation to Taylor Swift, though she had agreed upon not doing so. Martha gave a simple compliment about the relationship Donna seemingly shares with her son’s girlfriend.

    I know I was begged not to mention Taylor Swift, but I just want to say, you always look so great with her in the box when she was at the games with you,” Martha said, referring to the frequent sightings of Donna and Taylor together in the VIP box at the Chiefs games.

    The star couple’s romance first sparked public interest when Taylor was seen cheering for Kelce at a Kansas City Chiefs game at Arrowhead Stadium in September last year. Although initially unconfirmed, their romance became evident when they were seen kissing during post-game celebrations. Since then, Taylor has become a frequent audience of Chiefs games and is often spotted with Donna and occasionally joined by her famous friends.

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