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    “You’re My Hero”: Ben Stiller Tells President Volodymyr Zelensky During His Visit To Ukraine

    Hollywood star Ben Stiller recently met Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky in the country’s capital, Kyiv. He praised him for mobilizing support for Ukraine against Russian aggression.

    According to a press release on Zelensky’s official website, the Hollywood actor and filmmaker traveled to Ukraine as a UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador. They met with him after touring occupied settlements in the Kyiv region.

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    Ben Stiller Praises Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky

    In a video that surfaced on Twitter, Stiller and Zelensky were seen greeting one another cheerfully before sitting down to talk about Ukraine’s situation. They talked about the refugees in the country that has been ripped apart due to an invasion by the Russian forces. During the visit, which commemorated World Refugee Day, a delighted Ben Stiller told Zelensky, “You’re my hero!”

    Stiller Spoke To Survivors Of the Russia-Ukraine War

    Karolina Lindholm Billing, a UNHCR representative in Ukraine, accompanied Stiller as he spoke to survivors of the occupation while strolling around the wrecked residential neighborhoods of Irpin. “It’s one thing to see this destruction on TV or on social networks. Another thing is to see it all with your own eyes. That’s a lot more shocking,” Stiller told Zelensky.

    “What you saw in Irpin is definitely dreadful,” Zelensky said in response. “But it is even worse to just imagine what is happening in the settlements that are still under temporary occupation in the east.”

    Zelensky and Stiller spoke about aid for individuals who are momentarily displaced in Ukraine as well as those in Poland, where Stiller had spent Sunday. Zelensky also noted the infringement on the rights of children who were forcibly transported from Ukraine to Russia.

    Late in February, Russian President Vladimir Putin began a military invasion of Ukraine. Since then, the news of the conflict has spread to other parts of the world and garnered significant support for the Ukrainians.

    In a different video appeal that was posted on the UNHCR Instagram page, Stiller made an appearance and said, “Hey, I’m Ben Stiller and I’m here in the Ukraine. War and violence are devastating people all over the world. Nobody chooses to flee their home. Seeking safety is a right. And it needs to be upheld for every person.” 

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