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    Zendaya Says She Would Return To The Music Scene “If The Right Timing Came Along”

    Zendaya has grown to be a versatile actress in the industry after she did some blockbuster films and shows in the past few years. With her exceptional performances in ‘Euphoriaand countless films that were superhit, Zendaya is currently one of the rising superstars of Hollywood. However, very few know that the actress also has a flair for music.

    With the release of her recent film ‘Challengers‘, Zendaya has revealed that she isn’t entirely shutting the door on a potential return to the music scene. The actress said she might release new tracks when the timing feels right.

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    Zendaya Says She Loves Music Though It Has Taken A Backseat Amid Her Acting Career


    During a recent appearance on The Jennifer Hudson Show, Zendaya was asked about her potential musical ventures in the near future. Surprisingly, the actress said she is keeping the prospects of returning to the music scene open and might drop new music in the future.

    You know, I think if the right timing came along because I enjoy creating music for myself, maybe I would consider putting out a little something,” Zendaya shared. As the audience cheered on after her response, she hit them with a playful “Don’t get crazy! We’ll see, but maybe one day.”

    Zendaya’s 2013 self-titled album introduced her musical talents to the world. Her hit song ‘Replay’ made waves at the time of its release. However, her focus has prominently shifted to acting in the past few years.

    Speaking about her journey of switching her acting and musical skills, Zendaya said her love for music is no less than her love for acting even though she has been focusing more on the latter. She also opened up about the challenges of navigating the music industry’s business side.

    I love music, and it’s something that’s been special to me,” she said. “I think being in the music industry, maybe it, it didn’t kill the joy of music, but it’s when you put music and business together. Sometimes it cannot feel so good.”

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    Zendaya Opens Up About Overcoming Her Stage Fright During Last Year’s Coachella


    During the same interview, Zendaya also recounted her experience during her performance at Coachella last year during Labrinth’s set. Though she struggled with initial stage fright, the actress recalled encouraging herself to face her fears.

    “I kind of went to myself was like, ‘Dude, you can’t hide from this, like, run from this forever. Like you you’re gonna be want to be on a stage and perform live once in your life, at least,’” Zendaya recalled.

    Zendaya said that once she conquered her fears, the response she received during her performance was overwhelming. “I went out there and I remember after it … I was upset because it wasn’t my best, right? Because I felt like, I couldn’t hear anything,” she said.

    “I went on the stage and the audience was so loud, that all I heard was feedback and audience. I couldn’t hear anything,” the ‘Challengers‘ actress added.

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