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    Antony Starr Is Allegedly In Talks To Appear In ‘Peacemaker’ Season 2 As Booster Gold

    Social media is a place where most of the rumors get cooked. No source is known for such rumors but they add to the delusion of the fans. Social media is trying to convince itself that The Boys‘ actor, Anthony Starr is planning to take a lead role in the live-action Booster Gold by DCU.

    Booster Gold is described as a loser from the future who goes into the present and pretends to be a superhero. The actor Anthony Starr does have the potential for the role but there’s no official announcement yet.

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    Antony Starr Could Be Booster Gold

    Booster Gold
    Booster Gold

    Created by writer and artist Dan Jurgens, Booster Gold is a comic superhero appearing in DCU. James Gunn rolled out chapter 1 ‘Gods and Monsters‘ back in 2023 with the new DCU phase. Gunn described his character as having “imposter syndrome as a superhero.

    Earlier a production list of the movie filming in July was released. But from where does the Antony Starr angle come from? Well, it’s pretty simple, to be honest. Previously, James Gunn and Antony Starr both started following each other on their Instagram, which raised speculations about them working together.

    It’s a simple act of following each other on their socials. But there could be possibilities of them working together. Antony fits well for the comic role of the superhero Booster Gold. Starr also has previous experience of leading a series and he might get an opportunity to widen his role range.

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    Potential Actors According To The Fans Who Can Play The Role Of Booster Gold

    Potential actors for Booster Gold
    Potential actors for Booster Gold

    Antony Starr’s name is also a possible name that fans think could fit for the role. Other possible names, which according to fans could take up the role are Zac Efron, the perfect golden boy. We can envision him taking on the role but there are more names to the list including Ryan Gosling, and Alan Ritchson.

    Actor Glen Powell also fits the role compared to his latest character in ‘Top Gun: Maverick‘- Hangman, who gives perfect Booster Gold vibes. ‘Guardians of The Galaxy’ actor Chris Pratt is among the fans list to take on the role.

    The following names are just fan favorites, who might take on the role. There has been no official announcement yet regarding the superhero. James Gunn earlier said that he’s currently working on the production of the movie series, hence we can get the name anytime soon.

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