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    ‘Arrow’ Actor Stephen Amell Calls Out James Gunn For Bad Treatment Of TV Franchise, Shares His One Condition To Return

    DC has not remained restricted only to films. It has also created some of the best TV shows, including ‘Arrow’ which concluded after eight seasons in 2020, receiving a positive response from critics and audiences.

    The character is a part of DC and people are well-aware that James Gunn has joined DC Studios as the co-CEO in 2022. Gunn has planned to reboot the entire franchise, including Arrow, but Stephen Amell is planning to return only on one condition.

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    Stephen Amell Is Critical Of James Gunn For Poorly Handling The Character Arrow

    Stephen Amell is planning to explore something better in his character compared to the TV show

    After James Gunn joined DC Studios, there have been reports that Stephen Amell might return as Oliver Queen and Amell is also interested to do the same. Amell believes that there is a lot of scope for the character to return and because Gunn has confirmed Gods and Monsters’, Queen might be an important part of the project.

    However, Amell also has a condition of returning to the franchise, saying that he wishes to play something that is on a larger scale compared to what he has been doing on TV since 2012.

    Stephen also said that the Arrowverse was successful and the idea of 22 or 23 episodes for a year is a perfect strategy to maintain a perfect position on television. He said that he has given his best to Arrow and would love to play the character for a limited time again.

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    All About ‘Arrow’

    Stephen Amell portrayed Oliver Queen for eight seasons

    The first season of ‘Arrow’ was released back on October 10, 2012, and following the positive response, the show continued for seven more seasons until January 28, 2020.

    The basic premise focused on billionaire Oliver Queen, who claimed that he was shipwrecked for five years on a mysterious island called Lian Yu. He returns to Starling City where he aims to fight crime as a vigilante who uses a bow and arrow.

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