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    “Of Course, I Wouldn’t Be Able To Spoil It Here”: Chris Pratt Admits There’s Always A Chance For DC Role After MCU

    Chris Pratt who is best known for portraying Steve ‘Star-Lord’ Treasure in the MCU has raised eyebrows with his remarks on the DCU. This might just be Pratt lightheartedly joking with fans.

    However, it has had the fans spinning in circles, contemplating a switch in superheroes. Additionally, Chris’ comments might have been just a joke but they were enough to raise speculation.

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    Is There Room for Chris Pratt in The DCU?

    Chris Pratt as Star-Lord

    Hehehe.. well there’s always a chance,” said Pratt when asked about his involvement in the DCU during a brief sidewalk interview with TMZ, further adding fuel to the fire. But it’s enough to raise eyebrows. The idea of him leaving the ‘Guardians of the Galaxy behind to join the ranks of DC’s heroes is a fascinating one, to say the least.

    Of course, MCU and DCU are considered competitors and are located in two different universes of cinema. So, the question arises, Could he translate that persona to the often darker and grittier world of DC? Perhaps! After all, there are plenty of charismatic heroes in the DCU who could benefit from Pratt’s comedic timing.

    The possibilities are endless. Imagine him as a Hal Jordan/Green Lantern or maybe Booster Gold who is a time-traveling hero known for his flamboyant personality. The options are endless. 

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    Is Pratt Keeping His Options Open Or Just Having Fun?

    Chris Pratt as Star-Lord
    Chris Pratt as Star-Lord

    Of course, there’s a chance Pratt was simply having some fun with the reporter. His follow-up statement, “But of course I wouldn’t be able to spoil it here on the sidewalk with you,” could be nothing more than a playful jab. After all, actors especially in the MCU and DCU are notorious for keeping details about upcoming projects under wraps.

    Additionally, Pratt’s jam-packed schedule with the MCU might not leave much room for a DCU side hustle. His comment about fitting it into his schedule suggests this might be just a thought rather than a concrete possibility.

    Moreover, his comments illustrate how these franchises are blending into one another. Perhaps one day we will have Star-Lord against Superman, or Batman with the Guardians of the Galaxy. Additionally, all that we can get from Chris’ sayings are more questions. Is he actually teasing his DCU Debut or was he just joking? Only time will tell.

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