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    DC Reveals A Surprising Old Friendship Between Batman And A Classic Villain To Protect Gotham

    DC has always been more than creative with its antagonists. The DC fans across the globe arguably have more love for the movie villains than it has for the heroes. Batman’s character is made by the villains in his story. However, there are always exceptions – some villains in the DC Universe are extremely despicable.

    DC has a surprise for its fans that would be disappointing for some, but also exciting for some others. DC Batman fans into a flashback in ‘The Penguin #6’, revealing an unexpected alliance between Batman and the Penguin in Gotham City’s early days. And it is perhaps not the kind of camaraderie that fans would generally expect.

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    Batman Could Not Have Taken Down Falcone Without This Villain’s Help

    Penguin (Image: Getty)
    Penguin (Image: Getty)

    Long before Oswald Cobblepot became the notorious crime boss, he worked for Carmine Falcone. Unhappy with the abuse he faced, Cobblepot reaches out to Batman and becomes his informant. The two then take down Falcone’s criminal operations, including a human trafficking ring.

    With the Penguin’s help, Batman brings down Carmine Falcone and leaves Oswald to run the Iceberg Lounge and stay connected to Gotham’s criminal activities. The partnership, though driven by Cobblepot’s ambition, proves crucial for the young Batman to make some very important strides against the Falcone crime family.

    The friendship also takes fans to the lesser-known chapter in Batman’s early crime-fighting days. The revelation also challenges the perception of him working alone or solely with Robin. Though this surprising alliance was fueled by the Penguin’s self-interest, it played a pivotal role in Batman’s fight against crime. Without the Penguin’s, Batman might not have been able to take down Falcone.

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    Penguin Gave Batman A Foothold In His Struggling Days

    Batman (Image: Getty)
    Batman (Image: Getty)

    According to DC comics, Batman initially struggled to gain a foothold when he first started out. The only way he could get the edge over Falcone that he needed was with inside information. Bruce could not have done it alone under any circumstances.

    With Penguin’s help, the superhero managed to make some significant changes in Gotham. It was with help from this “villain” that our superhero took down one of the worst gangsters in the city’s history. Unfortunately, it only paved the way for Cobblepot to gain power and become the Penguin.

    Though it’s a flawed hero narrative, it was a villain that helped Batman gain his very first significant achievement. Fans can access ‘The Penguin #6’ from DC Comics.

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