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5 Most Cruel Things Batman Has Done That Are Enough To Brand Him As A Villain

The no-kill rule also could not stop Batman from engaging in cruel deeds. He may have been the symbol of justice in Gotham City, but in a few instances, the Caped Crusador might have taken things to the extreme level to protect his city. However, these deeds might be questionable as they take over the ethical dilemma.

Bruce Wayne’s obsessive personality might have gotten him off on many occasions which led to some of the most darkest and unforgivable moments in the comic down history. Here are the five most cruel things Batman has done that are enough to brand him as a villain.

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5. Spying On Justice League

Justice League
Justice League

During several instances, Batman has proven to not be a team player, from leaving the members of the Justice League to fend for themselves to not trusting them, Batman has never really worked well in a team. One of the worst things, Bruce Wayne has ever done among many other things is spying on his friends.

Keeping the records of his closest allies, including their weakness to gain superiority and control over them, in case they betray him, is not exactly a heroic activity. During the ‘JLA: Tower of Babel’ story arc, the detailed reports fall into the hands of Ra’s al Ghul, who uses them for his benefit resulting in one of the most tragic moments of Tower of Babel.

4. Leaving KgBeast To Die In The Sewers


Kg Beast a.k.a Anatoli Knyazev is an almost forgotten rival of Bruce Wayne. Knyazev was a Soviet-era assassin, who went on a killing spree, eliminating political opponents who were a threat to the Soviet Union in the Ten Nights of the Beast story arc. Although following the no-kill policy, the death of KgBeast is one of the most morally questionable acts of Batman.

Instead of indulging in hand-to-hand combat, Batman tricked KgBeast into fighting him the the sewers of Gotham City. Knowing that he could never win against the soviet assassin, Batman’s master plan involved, escaping the sewer leaving KgBeast to starve to death in the dark sewers of Gotham.

3. Abusive Treatment Of Robin

 Batman and Robin

The very first Robin a.k.a Dickson Grayson was more like Bruce Wayne’s adopted son. His harsh treatment might be forgivable towards his archnemesis, but not towards his own family. Alfred would agree to it! Frank Miller’s  ‘All-Star Batman & Robin: The Boy Wonder’, shows a darker and grittier version of Batman.

Bruce Wayne treats Dickson Grayson like a military recruit, constantly verbally abusing him. It went to an extreme when he locked Grayson in the Batcave to fend for himself, saying that rats would be sufficient for his survival. At this point in time, it wouldn’t be surprising if Batman lost his fan base.

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2. Batman Loses His Cool With Joker


The feud between Joker and Batman is one of the most recurring and entertaining ones. Being the constant enemy, the duo has faced each other multiple times. Despite his villainous acts, Batman never really kills Joker, because of the no-kill code followed by the Dark Knight, but this does not stop him from treating Joker in an ethically questionable manner.

In the ‘Batman: White Knight’ comic, the roles seemingly reversed, with Joker gaining sympathy and Batman depicted as the villain. During their epic showdown behind the pharmaceutical company, Batman brutally beats Joker in a plup but does not stop there. He forcefully stuffs pills into Joker’s mouth leaving Batgirl and Nightwing in horror and wide-eyed.

1. Batman Gifted Death-Man A Fate Worse Than Death


Death is the easiest redemption anyone can get, but Batman does not really seem to understand that. When the Dark Knight faced Death Man, he knew he was put against an immortal enemy.

After becoming Lord Death Man, and while on his crusade of killing heroes in Japan, Batman realized he couldn’t kill him, so thought the only way to stop him was to send him out to death, where he would waste away with no food nor water, but would remain alive, empty and alone for the rest of his life. 

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