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    7 Most Unstable DC Villains Who Scare Even Batman

    It is not the tech nor magic, but fear itself that keeps a superhero alive every day, pushing their spectrum with every encounter. Batman – the protector of the Gotham City has cleaned up psychotic villains to aliens from his home with his tactics and willpower. The Dark Knight’s list of compelling and iconic villains seems endless with every character old and new fighting their way into popular culture.

    The most intriguing element of any villain is their psyche which drove them towards complete insanity. The twisted mind of a villain isn’t always the most stable place however it makes them disturbing on every human level possible. These villains can range from monstrous, superpowered creatures to sadistic serial killers, a few so intense that they give Batman the chills. We have made the list of the 7 most unstable DC villains who even scare the bejeezus of Batman.

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    7. Killer Croc

    Killer Croc

    The scary, disgusting creature that controls the sewers of Gotham City. Maybe scary is a small word to describe Killer Croc. Before becoming a mutated animalist half man-half crocodile, he was known by the name of Waylon Jones. Due an adrenal gland disorder that existed before the transformation contributed to the massive involuntary rage. The man-eating beast will strike out any trespassers traveling into his domain. Because of his spontaneous, unpredictable nature and growing hatred for humanity, Batman must always keep him close. 

    6. Victor Zsasz

    Victor Zsasz

    Victor Zsasz is the mirror of Batman’s failure. Obsessed with the murder of innocents, Victor Zsasz carves a new tally onto his skin with every new murder. The serial killer is sadistic and enjoys killing innocents, Zsasz suffers from Borderline personality disorder as well as Sadistic personality disorder. With Zsasz roaming in the streets of Gotham looking for a victim, the Dark Knight enters the race against time to stop him before the bodies get piled up. The maniac on the loose is the very definition of e everything that Batman ever feared – failures.

    5. The Joker


    Throughout the comics and movies, Joker has managed to get under Batman’s skin. Despite the countless encounters, Joker still manages to find a way to surprise and scare The Bat. Joker is a psychopath and his assault on Jim Gordon and his daughter Barbara (Batgirl) in Batman: The Killing Joke is reason enough to fear him. Truly sadistic with a sick sense of humor, Joker’s penchant for laughing heartily while committing the darkest crimes imaginable allows him to crawl under the skin of readers, let alone Batman. The failed comedian with the kink of committing dark crimes will always remain a constant source of anxiety and fear for The Bat.

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    4. Bane


    Bane is no joke! He managed to cripple The Bat by breaking his back during one of the encounters and also managed to murder Bruce Wayne’s father figure, Alfred. Bane suffered from narcotic-induced psychosis which causes terrifying violent rage. Life-changing and status-quo-altering circumstances seem to follow Bane wherever he goes and when it comes to his dealing with Batman. Because of this, his appearances in Gotham City always make The Dark Knight anxious.

    3. Professor Pyg

    Professor Pyg

    It is when Chainsaw Massacre comes to life. One of the most sadistic and disturbing villains of the DC universe, who has a kink for the grotesque. Professor Pyg truly sickens Batman. He is obsessed with the surgical transformation of his victims into grotesque, twisted, mind-controlled minions. Moreover, his disregard for humanity makes him one of the most sinister villains in the whole DC Universe. Professor Pyg steered into a new era of truly horrific, reality-based antagonists that were as terrifying as they were new. Villains like these definitely intimidate Batman but also encourages him to stay in shape.

    2. Batman Who Laughs

    Batman who laughs

    The version that Batman is terrified himself-Batman who laughs. It is a horrific amalgamation of Batman and Joker capable of unspeakable power. He is a vision of what would happen to Batman if he was irreversibly infected with Joker’s toxin and without his firm moral ethics about not killing. Batman who laughs has proved to be one of the scariest, and most dangerous new villains introduced into the DC Universe after a long time. He is responsible for the destruction of the Multiverse and has proved to be as feared as the likes of Darkseid and Anti-Monitor when it comes to status quo-altering dangers. The effects of his battle against Batman still send a shiver down his spine. 

    1. The Scarecrow


    If Joker managed to crawl under Batman’s skin, then Scarecrow was able to dissect Batman’s mind. Through the use of his patented fear toxin, he can alter the minds of his victims, and send them spiraling down into a vortex of madness. He is often able to get inside the head of The Dark Knight and show him visions of what he is terrified of the most. In the Fear State event, he has leveled up even more, with the development of a new, more powerful toxin capable of turning the entire city of Gotham against itself. Proving yet again that he is the one villain that Batman cannot fight against without being exposed to unbearable degrees of horror.

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