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    DC’s Ultraman: Everything You Need To Know About The Evil Version Of Kypton’s Last Son, Superman

    Superman has a big Coterie of supervillains. He has fought mere humans such as Lex Luthor to inter-celestial behemoths like Darkseid. He has made each of his competitors look puny with his strength and endurance.

    However, there is one guy who was just different from any competitors but too similar to himself, Ultraman. Ultraman is somewhat of a nightmare for Superman himself. So, here’s everything fans need to know about the evil Superman, Ultraman.

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    Kal-Il AKA Ultraman, The Earth-3 Doppleganger Of Superman

    Superman and Ultraman
    Ultraman (Image via DC Comics)

    Ultraman is the evil version of Superman and the leader of the Crime Syndicate of America, an evil version of Justice League, on Earth-3. Ultraman debuted in 1964 with the Justice League Of America issue #29. Many mistake him as Superman’s clone, but he is just Superman from a different Earth.

    Kal-Il was sent to Earth by his parents, Jor-Il and Lara when Anti-monitor started destroying their planet. They both believed in the “survival of the strongest” and told their son to be the strongest being or be nothing.

    He was raised by a dysfunctional couple, Johnny Kent and drug-addicted Martha Kent. The prime Earth Superman loves his human parents the most, however, the Earth-3 version kills both Johnny and Martha at the age of 7.

    Ultraman charges his strength by inhaling Kryptonite. He needs to consume kryptonite to keep his strength intact. Like normal Superman, Ultraman also has weaknesses. Ultraman can’t bear sunlight as it weakens him. To tackle this weakness, he once moved the Moon to cover the Sun when he made his way to prime Earth.

    In terms of appearance, he shares a similar color scheme as Superman, i.e. a Red cape and blue suit, however, Ultraman has a big “U” emblemed on his suit. So fans can see he is just the polar opposite of Superman, from personal life to strength and weakness.

    When Will Fans See Ultraman In A Live-Action Movie?

    Rachel Brosnahan, David Corenswet and James Gunn
    Rachel Brosnahan, David Corenswet, and James Gunn (Image via Instagram/@JamesGunn)

    DC is currently rebooting every project and is going in a new direction with their new creative head James Gunn. The James Gunn-era of DCU will kick off with the ‘Superman: Legacy’ in 2025.

    Many fans very speculating Ultraman would be the main villain of this Superman reboot. However, James Gunn shot down these rumors and revealed Superman will indeed go against himself, however, it will be his clone created by Lex Luthor and not his evil version from Earth-3.

    So if fans are already going to witness a Superman brawling match in ‘Superman: Legacy‘, it is unlikely that they will see another one in the near future.

    If the new path of DCU goes through the multiverse and James Gunn decides to go with the Crisis on Two Earth storyline, fans will eventually see Justice League vs Crime Syndicate of America with Superman and Ultraman beating each other to a pulp. Till then, fans can just wait for his debut.

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