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    “OMG! What Is She Doing Here?” – Fans Are Worried Over A Horror Film Easter Egg In ‘Shazam 2’

    Warner Bros. revealed the trailer of ‘Shazam 2’ at the San Diego Comic-Con. The trailer featured many interesting scenes and many DC references and callbacks. However, there was a particular scene that stole all the thunder.

    This scene has created a lot of hype among the fans and has become the talk of the town. A lot of questions were also raised regarding the particular scene. So, what is this scene that is getting so much attention from the fans over social media?

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    All About The Horror Film Easter Egg In ‘Shazam 2’

    The horror easter egg of 'Shazam 2'
    The horror easter egg of ‘Shazam 2’

    In the trailer, fans see this particular part where Shazam goes to a doctor to talk about all his problems. As he goes on ranting about all the things which are going wrong in his life. The doctor stops him in the middle and then points out that he is just a pediatrician. The doctor says, “You understand I’m a pediatrician,” while pointing towards an area where the kids play in his office where a lot of things can be seen.

    Fans can see a lot of superhero toys in the area but one particular toy grabs all the attention. It’s none other that the Anabelle doll. Fans have started to wonder what was she doing in a kid’s clinic. Not only that, but the trailer also featured parts where we see Shazam questioning his powers and comparing himself to other DC heroes. The trailer had some very serious moments and some funny moments as well.

    Fans’ Reaction To The Easter Egg

    Fans reaction
    The reaction of the fans

    Fans are confused as to why Anabelle was there in the trailer of ‘Shazam 2’. One fan tweeted, “Even the dolls in the back look scared! Anyway, anybody else see the face?” Another fan wrote, “I said that too! Damn Annabelle.

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