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    Who Will Play The Next Green Lantern In DCU?

    DC fans are in for a lot of surprises this new year. DC universe seems to have been working really hard ever since the release of their film ‘Black Adam‘. James Gunn specifically said that January 2023 will the month when the fans will get an update on everything DC has planned including Green Lantern.

    If you have followed through with all the drama that succeeded the release of Dwyane Johnson’s latest movie and his demand to exit the ‘Black Adam‘ franchise, you might be aware that Gunn has decided to do a reboot.

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    Did James Gunn Confirm Green Lantern Movie?

    We know that the main Justice League characters will not be appearing again. Now the audience has been debating on which characters will remain and which characters will be entering. James Gunn recently took to Instagram and stated that they have plans for the next 10 years. According to the speculation, the Green Lantern is one of the characters that the fans are hoping to be introduced to this month.

    Gunn also teased his arrival while replying to a comment on Twitter. “No Green Lantern in this image therefore I can confidently claim that Gunn and Safran have no intention of adding that character into the DCU, this is a scoop I am 100% confident in,” wrote a user. “Probably not a good scoop! Happy Thanksgiving!“, replied Gunn.

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    Chris Pratt May Play Green Lantern

    Chris Pratt
    Chris Pratt

    The Green Lantern might actually be played by none other than Chris Pratt. Gunn confirmed on Twitter that the cast of MCU’s ‘Guardians of Galaxy’ was about to join him in the DCU. He even said that loves the cast and knows them.

    Not long ago James revealed that Green Lantern is going to be a very important character in DCU. It is not officially confirmed yet however considering what Gunn said about Pratt joining the DCU soon, we are speculating it to be a safe guess.

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