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    ‘Moana 2’ Might Be Disney’s Riskiest 2024 Movie. Here’s Why

    Moanais one of the most well received movies in the Disney universe. But the decision to revamp ‘Moana 2′ from a planned TV series to a theatrical release in 2024 has raised eyebrows and generated anticipation.

    The original Moana film’s tremendous success, both at the box office and on Disney+, provided a strong foundation for future projects. However, the sudden shift in plans for ‘Moana 2′ may be a huge gamble that Disney is investing a successful project in.

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    Is Disney’s Decision Of A Theatrical Release For ‘Moana 2’ A Wise One?

    Still from 'Moana' (Credit: Disney)
    Still from ‘Moana’ (Credit: Disney)

    Moana’s world is getting expanded as Disney has been long speculating the release of a series based on the character’s story. However, Moana 2‘s transition to a feature film was a last-minute decision announced in February 2024, just nine months before its scheduled release date of November 27.

    Disney CEO Bob Iger attributed the change to the impressive quality of the TV series’ episodes, prompting executives to believe it deserved a theatrical release. The success of the original ‘Moana’ film on Disney+ was a blockbuster with 1 billion hours streamed. It became the most-streamed movie of 2023 in the U.S., and likely influenced Disney’s decision to invest more in the sequel.

    The production team has also brought back stars like Dwayne Johnson and Auliʻi Cravalho for the movie adaptation at the expense of bearing additional costs. The shift in storytelling style from television to film must also have costed some amount.

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    Financing Two Separate Projects Around Same Character Is Another Risk Disney Is Taking

    Still from 'Moana' (Credit: Disney)
    Still from ‘Moana’ (Credit: Disney)

    Another huge risk that Disney is taking is by financing two separate projects around the same character: the original Disney+ series and the Moana 2′ movie. This would need the production to get a higher box office return to recoup the increased investment. Moreover, there’ also a chance that the audiences would not like to delve too much into the same character’s story, thus potentially putting the viewership at risk.

    However, Iger has expressed confidence in Moana’s past success as a predictor of the sequel’s potential. But the ultimate success of ‘Moana 2′ hinges on the quality of its storytelling.

    If the decision to adapt ‘Moana 2 into a movie was driven by the belief that the story would work better in that format, then the risk may pay off. However, if it was solely motivated by financial considerations, the gamble may not yield the desired results. Fans are just hoping to retain ‘Moana‘s impact in the Disney world.

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