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    Angelyne Blasts Emmy Rossum’s Miniseries Based On Her Life: ‘It Doesn’t Do Me Justice’

    When the new Peacock program, Angelyne, premiered in L.A., “I refused to watch it,” the celebrity on whose life the project is based stated. Emmy Rossum plays the role of Angelyne – the buxom billboard queen of ’80s in it. We have learned how the limited series’ namesake subject feels about it. 

    Real Angelyne Slammed Limited Series About Her


    In most cases, you only need to “get a glimpse” of something before you can form an opinion about it. Angelyne, who is a master of both stunts and focus, couldn’t possibly be trying to capitalize on the unexpected spotlight that has been cast on her life. She told Inside Edition that the series gives a false account of her extra-large life.

    She said, “I had a glimpse of it and I refused to watch it. It doesn’t do me justice. Would you be flattered if someone played you and misrepresented you?”

    Angelyne can be seen high-kicking out of her recognizable pink Corvette in the video above. Her older T-shirts are available for $500 apiece!

    When Emmy Rossum Met Real Angelyn

    Emmy Rossum Meets Angelyne
    Emmy Rossum in Angelyne still


    Rossum has spoken positively of the experience of meeting Angelyne before putting on the extensive makeup and prosthetics required to perform her role.

    “My story is the one that [Angelyne] suggested I tell, not hers, because she is a mirror, and the story that she saw reflected back at her was the story that I need to tell,” Rossum told The Hollywood Reporter.

    She added, “I hope that the bright pink Corvette-driving enigma that she is is aware that this is a love letter to her excitement and creativity; it is written only for her. I genuinely hope that more people fall in love with her and acknowledge her as the pioneer of social media role model that she is. I think she is an inspiration to a lot of people.”

    All in all, we could get to know the real Angelyne or at least a side to the real Angelyne. 

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