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    ‘Eight Billion Genies’ Comic Book Series To Be Adapted Into A Franchise By Amazon Studios

    Marvel and DC – the banks of superheroes – have one more player amidst them now – Amazon Studios. These multi-millionaire companies have served film and TV audiences for decades. It looks like Amazon is also willing to go down that road with ‘Eight Billion Genies’.

    Amazon Studios has lately enjoyed the success of ‘The Boys‘ and ‘Invincible.’ But now, it will be leaving superheroes on the side with its new comic-geared plans for a franchise. 

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    Amazon Studios Bought The Rights Of ‘Eight Billion Genies’

    'Eight Billion Genies'
    ‘Eight Billion Genies’

    The Studios have acquired the development rights to the Image Comics series ‘Eight Billion Genies.’ It was created by the hitmaking team of writer Charles Soule and artist Ryan Browne.

    The premise of ‘Eight Billion Genies‘ is that one day, all people on earth meet their personal genie. The caveat is that each genie would grant one wish, and one wish only. And it takes roughly eight seconds for the world to change forever, which is where the narrative kicks off.

    The comic arc is currently two-pronged. It is set within a Michigan bar called The Lampwick and centers on the barkeep and the new and old clientele that were present when the genies arrived. As the specific story makes its way to viewers, it certainly won’t be the only one. 

    Amazon isn’t planning just one single project out of it, but rather a variety. The first project that the studio is planning will be a feature film. It is meant to serve as the “cornerstone in a cross-media Universe of storytelling. There will also be one TV series and even more later. Charles Soule and Ryan Browne would be serving as executive producers. 

    Writers Soule and Browne’s Comics Are In Demand

    Charles Soule and Ryan Browne
    Charles Soule and Ryan Browne

    It sure does seem like a huge leap for Amazon Studios. While Soule and Browne’s talents combined with the streamer’s success with comic book fare makes it a calculated risk to go hard on the development of a new title like ‘Eight Billion Genies.’ 

    The concept is also quite innovative and leaves opportunities for different kinds of plots and story avenues. ‘Eight Billion Genies’ could be a six-episode limited series about a boy who wishes the world was made out of candy and boobs. Then it could make a movie about an Asian grandmother who wishes she was young again. Surely, the sky’s the limit.

    Charles Soule and Ryan Browne’s previous collaboration, ‘Curse Words,’ is also in the process of being developed into a TV series. It will be unlike anything else on the small screen. Soule’s twisty sci-fi series ‘Letter 44‘ and the doomed-future series ‘Undiscovered Country‘, as well as his novels ‘The Oracle Year‘ and ‘Anyone,’ are all being developed as films and TV shows.

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