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    “Everybody Hated Him”: How Over-The-Top Negative Press Shaped Daniel Craig To Become The Best James Bond Of Modern Era

    James Bond is a character that has gained recognition over the years as a spy and a playboy. The films focused on the character always received a positive response from critics and the action sequences were equally praised.

    Daniel Craig is one of the reasons why the modern-day Bond is loved by the audience. Meanwhile, people are unaware that Craig’s casting was not praised in the beginning but it later turned out to be one of the best decisions.

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    How Daniel Craig Became The Best Choice For James Bond

    Daniel Craig was initially criticized when he appeared as Bond

    James Bond got a complete reboot in 2006 and this time the producers decided to bring in Daniel Craig as the lead. According to director Martin Campbell, Daniel was at an age where someone else would have been too old for him.

    He added, “I know with Pierce he had to sign on three when we did him. So that’s going to take, what, six years of your life maybe? I suspect Daniel [had] the same deal. And the next guy’s going to have to do that.”

    Casting director Debbie McWilliams revealed that Craig’s casting was slammed by a lot of people. She said that she felt sorry for him and there was a time when people were complaining about his skills of driving and walking. Despite that, the James Bond films featuring Craig earned millions at the box office.

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    Future Of The James Bond Franchise                             

    Daniel Craig portrayed the role for the last time in ‘No Time To Die’

    Daniel Craig appeared as James Bond for the last time in ‘No Time To Die.’ Now this has raised questions on who would appear next as Bond. Although MGM has been acquired by Amazon, producer Michael G Wilson has confirmed that the character will return.

    The next Bond has not been chosen but Barbara Broccoli mentioned in an interview in 2022 that the next film will take a few more years in making. However, she revealed in a podcast that the collaboration with writers Neal Purvis and Robert Wade will continue.

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