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    ‘House Of The Dragon’: Who Is Craghas “Crabfeeder” Drahar?

    In the premiere episode of ‘House of the Dragon‘, most of its time was spent introducing characters like the Targaryens, Velaryons, Hightowers, and other lords and emissaries. It also established their prime interest in contesting for the Iron Throne. The interlinked web of male and female characters in the series shows the desperateness to enhance their position in the ever-volatile Westeros.

    Much to the shock of the audience, the series revealed a major threat to the Targaryen empire. An insurrection in the outskirts of the Targaryen empire in Stepstones was divulged. The mutiny is seemingly led by an individual, whom the audience supposes to have a prominent role in the prequel. He is the ‘grotesque’ of all the characters in the series, named Craghas Drahar, aka Craghas Crabfeeder. Read further to know more about the unfamiliar character.

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    Who Is the Crabfeeder In ‘House Of The Dragon’?

    Crabfeeder scene

    The most important character in the story of Prince Daemon Targaryen is Craghas Drahar who is also known as the Crabfeeder. He serves the Triarchy, an alliance of Myrs, Lys and Tyrosh. He is also the Prince Admiral, who liberated the Stepstones from pirates. This ended up opening a trade route between Westeros and Essos, bringing about new wealth for the Seven Kingdom.

    Craghas Drahar is known for his unusual punishment methods, by which he got his notorious name, the Crabfeeder. The spooky character introduced in the series discreetly nailed sailors to stakes on a sandbar and let them rot. Meanwhile, he waits for the rising tide, wherein a consortium of crabs feast on the bodies while picking at their wounds. It is not yet revealed in the series why he feeds dead bodies to the crabs.

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    Why Is The Crabfeeder Important In The Series?


    The Crabfeeder is now depicted as a strategically strong enemy for both Corlys and Daemon Targaryen. The formerly mentioned two Targaryens deduce that there is a greater chance of securing their place on the throne if they destroy the spooky antagonist of their story. The Daily Beasts’s Obsessed quotes, “The Crabfeeder is a force of monstrous annihilation, driven only by greed, cruelty and a fondness for turning his foes into crab chow.”

    They further note the scene where Craghas Drahar is introduced: “House of the Dragon’s latest hour opens with a close-up of decaying hands nailed to a broken ship beam via a giant spike, creepy crawly crabs gnawing at their flesh. A subsequent shot of a skull with small crustaceans picking at its temple and emerging from its mouth, with out-of-focus carnage spied in the background and wails of agony ringing through the air, make clear that nothing good has occurred in this watery place. When a leg being feasted on by some crabs twitches, and we subsequently see that the living are being consumed as voraciously as the dead, the depths of this nightmare becomes clearer. It culminates with an aerial panorama of the ravaged beach, littered with bodies and engulfed in smoke and the screams of the damned.”

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