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    Is This The Beginning Of The End Of Kanye West?

    Kanye West, officially known as Ye, is or probably was one of the most influential musicians in the hip-hop genre. However, his recent actions and words have clearly tarnished his image forever. Brands are distancing themselves from him amid the uproar.

    Recently, CAA cut ties with the ‘Donda‘ rapper and has stopped representing him. Another report stated that a Jewish educator at the Donda Academy resigned amid Ye’s anti-semitic comments. So all this begs the question if this is the beginning of the end of West’s career.

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    The Beginning Of The End Of Kanye West

    Kanye West
    Kanye West

    West has been known for his outspoken nature. He is known for getting at loggerheads with celebrities over frivolous reasons. Ye also has an opinion on a lot of things like race, racism, politics, education, etc.

    The 45-year-old rapper had once said that slavery was a “choice.” But it seemed that people and his fans were forgiving and all that was a thing of the past. However, a series of events snowballed into something really serious.

    First, he showed up wearing a ‘white lives matter‘ shirt at the Paris Fashion Week. It was followed by his anti-semitic tweets. Post all this, there seems to be no sign of remorse in West as he lives his life as if he doesn’t care.

    Several companies including Balenciaga and Adidas have dropped him; CAA has stopped representing him. It’s clear that no one, no matter how big, can simply get away with saying problematic stuff. Ye is slowly learning this the hard way. All these might be a hint that the house of cards is slowly crumbling. A bully and hate mongerer like West needs to feel the consequences of his actions.

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    Jewish Educator Resigns From Donda Academy

    Kanye West
    Kanye West

    As big companies like CAA, Vogue, Balenciaga, and JP Morgan are cutting ties with the rapper, another shock has hit him. According to The Hollywood Reporter,  an educational consultant private Christian school has resigned.

    Tamar Andrews, the Jewish educator who worked with Donda Academy since July, officially resigned earlier this month. She is the director of early childhood education at both Temple Isaiah and American Jewish University

    Allison Samek, president of Temple Isaiah of Los Angeles, said: “Dr. Andrews immediately resigned from Donda Academy following Ye West’s tweet. Her last day was October 11, 2022 as she felt she could no longer support the organization.”

    Donda Academy was started by West in November 2021. Several celebs and companies have been distancing themselves from the rapper because of his hateful tweet.

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