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    Brooklyn Nine-Nine To Lucifer, 5 Popular Series Which Were Saved By Other Networks

    It’s very disheartening when the TV show or series you love suddenly gets canceled or reaches its end without proper closure. Fans wonder what would happen to the characters and it certainly makes them restless. This issue is not only for the newcomers but also for several well-known ones.

    Sometimes, fans call to save the cancelation by signing petitions and asking other networks to step in. Here are five of the best-canceled shows which were saved by other networks.

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    Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life

    ‘Gilmore Girls’
    ‘Gilmore Girls’

    The series was run on The WB and was later picked up by The CW. From its seventh season, it was aired by The CW. It’s a comfy drama about a mother and daughter duo. But sadly, The CW also canceled its further seasons by serving season 7 as the ending of the original series. As fans demanded a reunion of the cast and further development of the story, Netflix brought it back for a reunion by releasing a follow-up to ‘Gilmore Girls‘ dubbed as ‘Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life‘. The special edition gave Lorelai (Lauren Graham), Rory (Alexis Bledel), and all the characters from Stars Hollow a proper send-off.



    Although this show initially didn’t have a huge fan base, Tom Ellis’ portrayal as the devil himself attracted many viewers. It ran for three seasons on Fox. Sadly, in 2018 the channel canceled the show stating that the audience had gotten “pretty narrow.” Still, when fans didn’t stop showering love on the show, Netflix brought it back and the continuation proves Lucifer to be a “testament to the power of fan campaigns.”

    Brooklyn Nine-Nine 

    ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’

    This is another popular show that was started out by Fox but eventually got canceled after five seasons. However, fans demanded continuation and NBC came as a savior for all. The series then ran for more than three seasons, ending with season 8 which saw the 99th Precinct packing it up for the last time. And to the delight of fans, Jake Peralta (Andy Samberg) and his pals got a proper farewell in the end.

    The Expanse

    ‘The Expanse’

    Although in its beginning, ‘The Expanse‘ did not acquire a huge fan base, the science fiction series reached great heights eventually. In 2018, the show was canceled after its third season but after receiving high praise from the fans, Amazon continued the show for another three seasons on Prime Video. Still, this was not satisfying some fans as they wanted some more seasons.



    After its release in 2009, ‘Community‘ created a fan base that fought to bring it back after its cancellation in 2014. Reports said that NBC axed the series because of subpar ratings. However, its popularity online was undeniable. This is why Yahoo! Screen picked the sitcom up for season 6.

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