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    ‘Red, White And Royal Blue’: This Is How The Story Changed From Novel To The Movie

    You’ll only remember getting your hands on the book ‘Red, White, And Royal Blue‘. The next thing would be turning towards the last page with a happy smile on your face. Casey McQuiston presented a well-crafted novel in front of her readers back in 2019. And later Booktoks increased the popularity of the book, helping it reach a larger audience. It was more exciting to know that the book was going to be adapted on screen and the movie is also a comfort. 

    With a trailer that focussed on the first tragic encounter between the two romance heroes, the movie gave a lot more of the story. The movie which spanned about two hours was directed by Matthew Lopez. ‘The Kissing Booth‘ fame Taylor Zakhar Perez and ‘Purple Hearts‘ fame Nicholas Galitzine have both taken up the lead roles of Alex Claremont-Diaz and Prince Henry respectively. Gay romance is a perfect blend of love, romance, sexual identity, and acceptance.

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    Missing Characters In The Movie ‘Red, White, And Royal Blue’

    Red, White, and Royal Blue
    Red, White, and Royal Blue

    Shrinking about 400 pages worth of reading into two hours is not an easy task. But the film executed its task well. However, it still remains to be the tip of the iceberg. The book has more characters and more vibrancy. Not that the movie is any behind. Major missing is one of the key characters, Alex’s sister, June Claremont-Diaz. One can feel the great gaps are left behind as Alex is a sole child and has to completely depend on the Vice President’s granddaughter Nora Holleran.

    Another factor that seemed to be pushed away, is the time that the gay couple had with their friends having fun. The parties felt much more extensive in the novel. But still, all the puzzles are well fitted at the end. Henry’s sister Princess Beatrice and Alex’s mom seem to be a constant support to their brother and son respectively. The characters are as sweet and nonchalant as in the book. 

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    Introduction Of A New Character

    Red, White, and Royal Blue

    The way in which the world finds out that England’s Prince and the American president’s son are having an affair is quite different in the novel and book. With a totally new character, a journalist bought in, Miguel Ramos acts as Alex’s former love interest and finally the betrayer. However, in the novel, it’s the opposition that targets the lovebirds and leaks their emails.

    In addition, there are other changes done to the novel as it is adapted onto the screen. This includes the absence of Prince Henry’s mom, and also of the appearance of Stephen Fry as the King and grandfather as opposed to the book where it’s the queen. Though subtle changes are made here and there, the movie still holds strong to the glamor, cheerfulness, and color.

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