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Top 10 Queer Shows To Watch If You Liked ‘Heartstopper’

Maybe it’s not for everyone but watching queer romance is one of the best pass times for many people. And if you really need to watch some of the best queer shows that have captured millions of hearts, here are some of those. Unlike straight romances, queer shows share a sense of community and a collective struggle to maintain their identity.


European TV shows have mostly had gay side characters for a long time. Whereas the Thai, Taiwanese and Korean industries have focussed on gay romances for a very long time. With ‘Heartstopper’ and ‘Red, White and Royal Blue‘ hitting the screens, and if you liked them, then here are ten other queer shows from around the world to watch.

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Top 10 Queer Shows To Watch

1. Elite (2018)


It is hard to miss the Spanish series ‘Elite’ which came out back in 2018. The series has six seasons which are filled with fun and suspense. Along with the nail-biting plot, the actors have given a wonderful performance. Though not a central aspect but the question of sexual identity, religion, and acceptance also comes into discussion in the show.


2. Euphoria (2019)


There’s no need for much introduction for the series ‘Euphoria’. It is one of the much-acclaimed series in Hollywood-an HBO masterpiece. The series deals with drugs, mental health, depression, and friendship.

3. Dickinson (2019)


Set in the 19th century, the series revolves around the budding female writer Emily Dickinson whose perspective is explored. The constraints of family, marriage, gender, and society come into question throughout the series. Emily had both romantic and physical relationships with her friend Susan Gilbert who later marries Emily’s brother Austin.

4. Interview With The Vampire (2022)

Interview with the Vampire

The aesthetic vampire series is based on the book by Anne Rice of the same name. ‘Interview with the Vampire‘, unlike the previous screen adaptations, this correctly portrayed the love relationship between Lestat and Louise. And the setting of the series in 1900’s New Orleans, makes the series more attractive.


5. It’s A Sin (2021)

It’s A sin

Set in 1980s Britain, the drama miniseries is a complete package. The sentiment and politics of those days have been rightly absorbed into the TV show. The series brings in the joy and fun of being part of the queer community but at the same time taunted by the growing threat of HIV/AIDS.

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6. Love, Victor (2020)

Love, Victor

With the success of the movie ‘Love, Simon’ came the sequel to it, ‘Love, Victor‘. Through the series, one can see the teenager’s constant struggle to find his identity, experimenting through his high school years. Along with it, Victor is also trying hard for his parents to accept him for what he is. The three seasons of the series show how Victor accepts himself, his family accepts him, and finally how society sees him.


7. Skam Norway Season 3 (2016)


A rare gem among gay romances. The story of Isak and Evan is not just romantic but a different array of issues. The significance of religion and mental health when it comes to same-sex relationships is one such theme that the series brings into question. Though short, the series is a must-watch as it gives a good portrayal of love and friendship.

8. 2gether (2020)


This is the series that opened the world of boy’s love series to many people around the world. Recent years have seen a huge influx of Thai gay romances encompassing very different themes and plots. ‘2gether‘ is a rom-com that one can watch in a day and fall in love with all the characters. These series have everything- from love triangles to hot leads.

9. Young Royals (2021)

Young Royals

If you likeRed, White and Royal Blue’, then here is another perfect series to watch with more drama involving royals. The series has two seasons and fans are waiting for a third one. The Spanish drama involves teenage love, exploring one’s sexuality and family acceptance. With the intriguing plot and great acting, the series is a must-watch.


10. Orange Is the New Black (2013)

Orange is the New Black

Wanna see a very diverse queer series? Then you’re at the right place. ‘Orange is the New Black’ gives its viewers something very different from what is usually seen in the mainstream. It’s comedic and at the same time, much more realistic than any other series. The premise of the series is a women’s prison.

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