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    Zayn Malik Shares Regrets Over Taking ‘Things Too Seriously’ While He Was In One Direction, Says Teen Angst Isn’t Cool

    Zayn Malik is looking back at his One Direction days and the singer reveals that he has a few regrets about how he acted while he was in the band, and says he took things too seriously.

    The ‘Entertainer‘ crooner was the first one to leave the band, after which they went on a hiatus that has now lasted for almost a decade. Here’s what Zayn wishes he had done differently in the past, and why he regrets his own behavior while he was in One Direction.

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    Zayn Talks About His One Direction Days


    Speaking on the Zach Sang Show, Zayn talks about how he wishes he enjoyed his time in the band more rather than taking things too seriously, talking about the regrets he has about how he acted while he was in the band.

    “The main thing that I always feel bad about when I look back over my life is not enjoying the band enough,” explained Malik. “I feel like I just took things too seriously. I’m grateful that I’m able to be happier now. I can actually enjoy things and own my own perspective a bit. Like, glass half full versus it being half empty. That’s my choice.”

    He then added that his teen angst had a lot to do with his behavior. “I had this, like, teen angst thing going on — chip on my shoulder. I’m like, ‘It’s really cool to be moody as f— all the time.’ It’s not. You’re just a loser. Let’s be honest, you know what I mean?

    The singer faced a lot of backlash after leaving the band as many called him out for ‘breaking‘ the band by leaving as shortly after his departure and one album later, the members decided to go on a hiatus and have been working on their solo careers as of now.

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    Why Did Zayn Malik Leave One Direction?

    One Direction
    One Direction

    The singer revealed that his departure had a lot to do with certain politics in the band and how the friendships were turning sour slowly. “There was a lot of—look I don’t want to go into too much detail, but there was a lot of politics going on,” he said, adding, “And then there was obviously underlying issues, like within our friendships too.”

    Zayn also admitted on the Call Me Daddy podcast, “I completely selfishly wanted to be the first person to go and make my own record. There was obviously underlying issues within our friendships, too. We’d got sick of each other if I’m being completely honest.”

    But in hindsight, there are only nice things to say about his time in the band and he looks at it in a much fonder light, as he added later in the interview. Ever since the hiatus, all the members have taken off with their solo careers, among which Zayn and Harry Styles have outshined the others slightly, Harry more so as the ‘Watermelon Sugar’ singer has taken home three Grammys already within the two albums he made.

    As for Zayn, he has just dropped his new album Room Under the Stairs this May, and fans are flooding social media with praises for his new work as he puts out new music after a while.

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