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    ‘Deadpool And Wolverine’: An Abundance Of Cameos Might Leave A Bad Taste In Fans’ Mouths In Theaters

    ‘Deadpool And Wolverine’ is slated to be one of the biggest MCU movies after the completion of “Infinity Saga”. It is the first R-rated MCU and will introduce the mutants to the franchise.

    Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool has claimed himself as the “Marvel Jesus” who is here to save the franchise like the messiah. It is a known fact that the MCU has fallen off in recent years and this movie can pull it back to relevancy. One of the reasons that everyone is so hyped about this movie is the so many cameos rumored for this movie.

    The movie is set in a multiversal setting and multiple stars from the previous X-Men franchise are rumored to reprise their role. However, the same reason has made fans worried as there is only a limited time and how these cameos will play out.

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    Will ‘Deadpool And Wolverine’ Be Another ‘Dr Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness’?

    Deadpool and Wolverine
    Deadpool and Wolverine (Image via FirstCuriosity)

    Before the release of 2022’s ‘Dr Strange: Multiverse Of Madness’ the movie had a lot of hype as it was the first MCU movie to explore the multiverse. Before its release, there were a lot of rumors about many stars returning and some fan-castings happening in the movie.

    These things did happen with Patrick Stewart returning as Professor X and Anson Mount as Black Bolt. Fans also saw John Krasinski as Mr Fantastic which they were demanding for years. However, fans know what happened to these characters. Marvel took too much liberty with the multiversal setting and killed them off quickly.

    Now coming to ‘Deadpool And Wolverine’, it has a similar type of hype stuck to it. From Chris Evans’ Human Torch to Daniel Radcliffe’s version of Wolverine, the rumors are going wild on social media. Some stars are already confirmed to reprise their role.

    With Deadpool dealing with TVA and fighting Cassandra Nova, it might be difficult to smush in a number of relevant cameos in the run-time of 2 hours and 10 minutes. Fans definitely don’t want to see their favorite characters from the past getting butchered to make up for run-time.

    This also poses a bad cash-grabbing image for Marvel Studios as they have been going all in with these fan services. To an extent, it is a great thing. However, now it is getting a bit worn out.

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    Can The Failure Of ‘Deadpool and Wolverine’ Lead To The MCU’s Death?

    Hugh Jackman And Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool
    Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine And Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool (Image via FirstCuriosity)

    Both Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool and Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine are among the most marketable comic book characters of all time. Thanks to the legacy that these actors have created, Marvel is backing this movie on their shoulders. Be it the teasers or the trailer, the primary focus has been these two guys.

    These 2 don’t only have the load to make this movie a blockbuster, but also the load to revive the MCU franchise. After the debacle of ‘The Marvels’ and ‘Ant-man And Wasp: Quantumania’, Marvel is going all in with ‘Deadpool And Wolverine’.

    It is the biggest project of 2024 and Marvel desperately wants this win. The “Marvel Jesus” is expected to start the “Renaissance Era” of the MCU. But, what if somehow this movie gets bombed? Would it be the end of the MCU? The correct answer is no. However, it would be a major setback for the franchise. Ever since Disney acquired 20th Century Fox, fans have been waiting to see mutants and X-Men.

    If the first mutant project of the franchise goes down the hill, it will make things worse for MCU. Fans’ expectations for future projects would go way down and Marvel would have to rely on their niche audience. Marvel has a lot of big projects lined up for the future such as Captain America: Brave New World, ‘The Fantastic Four’, and ‘Avengers 5’. Their future depends upon the fate of ‘Deadpool and Wolverine’.

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