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    “I Would Work With Chris Hemsworth On Anything”: George Miller Is Open To Directing ‘Thor 5’

    George Miller is known for his works like the ‘Mad Max‘ franchise. He has nailed his field and now he wants to try his hands in the Marvel franchise.

    As Marvel Studios is also currently looking for a distinct direction for ‘Thor 5‘, director George Miller who is awaiting the release of ‘Furiosa: A Mad Max Story‘, admitted he is interested in working with Chris Hemsworth again, and that too in the MCU.

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    George Miller Wants To Step Into MCU With ‘Thor 5’

    George Miller is ready for Thor 5
    George Miller is ready for Thor 5

    The makers of ‘Thor 5’ are interested in making the movie with Chris Hemsworth again. We have a name on the list which is director George Miller who shared his keenness to do the film. The director has a lot to work on about the plot and he can do justice to the storyline. He was promoting ‘Furiosa’ ahead of its upcoming release when he was asked whether he would like to work with ‘The God Of Thunder’ for his next project.

    The director said, “I would work with Chris on anything. I really would. He’s a wonderful actor. He’s got the full range of all the skills. I mean, you’ve got to be athletic, physically. But, you also gotta be athletic emotionally and intellectually to take on these very, ultimately fairly complex, any role really.”

    Further, Miller added, “So, I was very lucky with all my cast and particularly in the way that Anya and Chris matched each other. Particularly towards the end of the month.”

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    ‘Thor 5’ Could Change The Direction Of Marvel Universe

    Chris Hemsworth
    Chris Hemsworth

    Previous Thor movies including Thor: Love and Thunder’ were underwhelming at the box office. Thor has been an integral part of the Avengers since the beginning of the franchise.  MCU had a change after ‘Thor: Ragnarok‘. While ‘Love and Thunder‘ gave a satisfactory performance in the theatres, the reviews it received were horrendous. Even Hemsworth acknowledged the fact that he was “wacky” in the movie.

    This is where George Miller could play his part with a great direction and a storyline. Thor could go on a new course of mission, which might awaken the MCU’s dead fan base. Earlier, Miller was coming with his Justice League: Mortal‘ movie, which was canceled approximately 15 years ago.

    Miller has done a great job with ‘Furiosa‘ and it seems it could revive Thor from the past few lost years in the MCU.

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