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    ‘The Boys’: The Disturbing Reason Why Marvin T. Milk Is Called Mother’s Milk

    The Boys’, an original series produced by Amazon, takes its name from a comic book series written by Garth Ennis and published under the same name. Even if there were certain changes made to the text-to-screen representation, the program nonetheless shows respect for the original source material.

    M.M.’s mother worked for the Vaught factory for a period of time, which led to the birth defects of M.M.’s brother as well as his death as a consequence of Compound V poisoning in his system. M.M. managed to avoid passing away the toxin in his blood.

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    Why Marvin T. Milk Got Mother’s Milk Nickname

    Marvin T. Milk, played by Laz Alonso, is referred to as Mother’s Milk in the series. As a result, the program deviates from its original material when it comes to how Marvin first came to be.

    He was born with Compound V in his body in the comic books. Marvin was born with Compound V in his system since his mother was exposed to it while working at a Vought Factory. Marvin, on the other hand, is dependent on his mother’s breastmilk throughout his life, even as an adult.

    Mother’s Milk’s Character In ‘The Boys’

    CBR reports that Laz Alonso detailed the character’s inspiration, saying, “Garth [Ennis] had taken this character and molded him after — in theory — after the crack babies, of the ’80s, where he was physically infected with an addiction to V”.

    For all its darkness, there are enough twists and awkward moments in ‘The Boys’ to warrant the depiction of an adult male dependent on his mother’s breast milk. On the contrary, it infects Mother’s Milk with an inspiring desire for justice.

    Alonso clarified the situation: “That’s not the case, so what is he infected with? [Showrunner Eric Kripke] kind of beautifully created this infection with being a fighter of freedom… That’s what he’s infected with, is risking what he has in the pursuit of justice”.

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