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    Was Marilyn Monroe The Inspiration Behind The New Single ‘Nxde’ By (G)I-DLE?

    You might have probably binge-watched a thousand times, the latest music video of the K-pop girl group (G)I-DLE. The new single ‘Nxde’ is awesome on three different levels. Visuals – stunning, vocals – pleasing, rap – thundering. On top of all these three awesome levels, I’m situating their unique integration of Marilyn Monroe in the MV on the ultra-awesome level.

    The girl group took fans by surprise when they emerged as blondes for their upcoming single, ‘Nxde’. There are many controversies regarding why they chose a ‘Marilyn Monroe’ concept. Fans speculate that the concept was in a way a tribute to (G)I-DLE’s former band member, Soojin since she likes Monroe a lot. Know more about the inspiration behind (G)I-DLE’s new single, ‘Nxde’.

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    Know Everything About (G)I-DLE’s New Single

    Marilyn Monroe inspiration in ‘Nxde’

    In the Sketch Film for their fifth Mini Album ‘I Love’, the members of the K-pop girl group (G)I-DLE took it a step further and shocked netizens with their nude photoshoot concept. However, the main point of the concept is far from simply being “sexy.” Soyeon, leader of the group explains how the members are breaking prejudice with this song.

    In a board meeting to present her concept ideas, she revealed the main message of the song. It is a quote popularized by Kurt Cobain of Nirvana“I’d rather be hated for who I am than loved for who I am not.“ Soyeon created the title song with this quote in mind as the main meaning. (You go girl!)

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    Was Soyeon Inspired By Marilyn Monroe?


    Apart from Nirvana, Soyeon was mainly inspired by both the life and imagery of Marilyn Monroe. “I was inspired by Marilyn Monroe. As you all know, she was famous for being sexually attractive and had a ‘dumb blonde’ image, but I heard she was actually very smart. She liked reading very much, too,” says Soyeon.

    Marilyn Monroe wanted to ditch her public image that many people knew her as in order to show her real self which connects to Soyeon’s quote about being your authentic self, even if others stop loving you because of it. “Like our previous albums, this one is to beat the stereotypes,” says Soyeon.

    Metaphorically, the members will take it all off,” or reveal their true, vulnerable selves, which Soyeon conveyed through the nude concept. “Do they just want to look sexy?’ That’s what most people would think. I want to beat that kind of bias as well,” says Soyeon. All hail the leader! I was so impressed by the concept, the styling, and the effort that went into vocals and rap! My god! This is one of their best songs of all time easily.

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