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    What Is Butterball’s Turkey Talk-Line? Top 3 Questions Asked On Hotline

    Preparing for Thanksgiving can be a hectic affair. From waiting in long lines of departmental stores with heavy grocery bags to going through the Herculian task of cooking the big fat Turkey for your family. Therefore it is natural for things to go astray. To lighten the weight off your shoulder for preparing the perfect Turkey for Thanksgiving, Butterballs Turkey has been answering questions for more than 60 years. This Thanksgiving, do not let the pressure of the festive season overwhelm you.

    Cooking a 12 to 15-pound turkey can take up to 4 hours. And a normal household doesn’t cook a 12-pound turkey every day to have the necessary experience. Moreover, the pressure to make the perfect showstopper turkey for your family can leave you with a burnt bird and messed up stuffing. Millions of people on Thanksgiving rely on the toll-free number of Butterball’s Turkey, to solve their queries about the big bird. Let us know what is Butterballs Turkey corporation and how to go about it.

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    Butterball Turkey Talk-Line Corporation

    The Butterball Turkey Talk-Line corporation started in 1981. People could call up the toll-free number to ask personnel about their ambiguity with the bird. The corporation began with six operators and in its opening year, the number received 11,000 calls. Over the next years, the operators expanded as the volume of callers increased. In 1984, the company went paper free and computerized its service script and tally sheets. In 1995, Butterball released its web page with sections of 10 recipes, frequently asked questions, and how to cook.

    The talk line joined social media in 2008 on the platforms Facebook and Twitter. Funnily enough, till 2013 the hotline employed only female workers. During the pandemic, Butterballs entered the entertainment app TikTok and shared innovative recipes. Now Butterball Turkey is even available through Amazon Alexa. In its lifetime of more than 40 years, the talk line has been witness to the most peculiar of questions, showing shocking kitchen skills of people. To say a few, “I left the bird in the snowbank to thaw and now I can’t find it. Now what??”, “I carved my turkey with a chainsaw . . . Is the chain grease going to adversely affect my turkey?”, “The family dog is inside the turkey and can’t get out . . . ?”

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    3 Most Frequently Asked Questions On The Hotline

    Butterballs Turkey has been putting out fires in the kitchens of thousands of households. More than 50 food professionals answer the phone to desperate callers. Some have been with the hotline for more than 20 years. No questions at the Butterballs Turkey are queer. or unusual. Let’s learn the three most frequently asked questions on the hotline.

    1. How To Thaw A Frozen Turkey

    The US Department of Agriculture suggests the best and most hassle-free method to defrost the big bird. The agricultural department prefers to thaw your turkey in your refrigerator. It is the safest method as the turkey as it thaws at a consistent rate. It might take a day to thaw 4-5 pounds of the meat. Once thawed the turkey will survive (not breathing) for the next two days. Therefore if your turkey weighs 16 pounds, start prepping your bird four days before. Butterballs Turkey also introduced microwave thawing. You can also try cold water thawing which does not differ much from refrigerator thawing. It’s just messier.

    For microwave thawing, one should first check the manual and the size of the microwave to see if it can fit the turkey and has the necessary functions to defrost. Remove all the wrappings from the turkey and place it on a microwave dish to collect the water and oozing of any fluids. For each pound of meat 6 minutes should be given in the microwave. Therefore 1.6 hours might take for a 16-pound turkey. Be sure to flip the turkey from time to time and cover the wings and drumsticks when the process is near the end.

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    2. How To Roast A Turkey

    If you know your way around the turkey, roasting might be the most effortless way to cook the turkey and still give you a fine palate. As the Butterball website for first-timers, roasting a turkey in the oven is a classic method. In eight simple steps, Butterball explains how to roast your turkey. Butterball advises preheating the oven to 325 degrees Fahrenheit and draining all the juices from the turkey. Place the turkey breast side up in a roasting pan 2 inches deep.

    Turn the wings back to hold the neck skin in place. Brush or spray skin lightly with vegetable or cooking oil for the best appearance. Measure the temperature of the meat from the thigh of the bird with a meat thermometer and if it is ideal remove the turkey from the pan. Place your turkey in the oven. After the turkey is done by 2/3, cover the breast and wings with foil. This helps in even cooking the turkey. After a few minutes, measure the turkey again. The thigh should read 180 degrees Fahrenheit and the breast should read 170 degrees Fahrenheit on the breast or stuffing. Shit the turkey on the serving plate and let it rest for 15 minutes.

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    3. How To Grill A Turkey

    Butterballs Turkey finds grilling a turkey a creative way to take your Thanksgiving outdoors. Though unconventional grilling can contribute to a delicious culinary experience as any other. Butterball suggests charcoal grilling the turkey for a lip-smacking Thanksgiving. In eight steps you can enjoy the perfect patio Thanksgiving with your family. Firstly prepare a charcoal-covering grill by removing the cooking grate and opening all the vents to allow the fire to breathe.

    Place a drip pan in the center of the charcoal grate. Positions  25 to 30 briquettes alongside the drip pan lengthwise. Burn them till they turn ash grey. The process could take about 30 minutes. Place the cooking grate on the grill over the coals. Drain your turkey and pat it dry. Turn wings back to hold neck skin in place and tuck legs. Mop the turkey throughout with vegetable or cooking oil. Place the turkey over the cooking grate above the drip pan. Cover the grill and keep the vents open. Feed the grill with 6 to 8 briquettes every 45 minutes. Measure the temperature of the turkey it should be equal to the one mentioned above. A 16-pound of turkey might take 2 to 3 hours to grill. When cooked let it settle for 15 minutes before carving.

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