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    What Is Frieza’s New Black Form In ‘Dragon Ball’? How Powerful Is It?

    Frieza has remained one of the few consistent antagonists not only in the ‘Dragon Ball‘ franchise but in the entire anime world. From being introduced as a villain to turning into a frenemy to once again becoming a villain, Frieza’s journey has been happening.

    Since he has always played an important role in the series, it is only fitting that he gets a new form when our heroes, Vegeta and Goku, are on a quest to become stronger. Let’s find out what the Black Frieza form is and just how strong it is.

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    What Is Black Frieza?

    Black Frieza
    Black Frieza

    Black Frieza is a powered-up form of Frieza. Frieza is the antagonist of many arcs in the show and is a negative character in general. Frieza used to be naturally strong and did not feel the need to train much.

    It wasn’t until he was defeated by future Trunks that Frieza started training seriously that he unlocked Golden Frieza. This power-up made Frieza as strong as Super Saiyan God. He defeated Goku and Vegeta in this form. But once again, both of them attained new forms.

    Frieza then turned to conquer as many planets as possible to showcase his power. It was during this quest that Frieza found the ‘hyperbolic time chamber’. This chamber is in a place outside the universe and time works differently here. Frieza trained in that chamber for ten years and unlocked the most powerful and frightening form, the Black Frieza.

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    How Strong Is It?

    Manga panel for Black Frieza
    Manga panel for Black Frieza

    Black Frieza has proven to be one of the strongest characters in existence. Aside from the gods of destruction and their angels, he is quite possibly the strongest being there.

    He is stronger than Ultra Instinct Goku and Ultra Ego Vegeta as he defeated both of them. In addition to that, he is also stronger than Granolah and Gas. This is because Granolah wished to be stronger than anyone in the universe and a hyperbolic time chamber exists outside the universe, meaning that Frieza wasn’t included in the universe.

    Frieza may even be able to fight head-to-head with Gods of destruction in this particular form. It is difficult to predict the outcome of a deadly battle between Black Frieza and the immortal beings. However, Black Frieza is one of the strongest characters in the entire series of ‘Dragon Ball.

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