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    What Is Boxing Day? How It Is Different In USA And UK?

    Boxing Day, as far as the name goes, sounds like it has got something to do with the sport of boxing. However, Boxing Day is not related to sports but shopping. And it is celebrated in different ways in different places. 

    Boxing Day falls on the next day to Christmas, that’s on December 26. The holiday is mainly celebrated in the United Kingdom but is also celebrated in places like Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. And this day involves so many activities for the people to engage in. The celebration has a long history behind it. So here’s more about the festival. 

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    Celebrations On Boxing Day

    Fox hunting on Boxing Day
    Fox hunting on Boxing Day

    This holiday began long back. The description of these celebrations can be seen in anecdotes written as old as the 17th century. This day is for the servants and tradesmen to celebrate Christmas as they were serving their masters the day before. The homeowners give their servants leftover food, gifts, bonus, and so on. However, these days, this holiday has become a day for shopping sprees. On Boxing Day, one will be able to avail various things for cheaper prices or with discounts. 

    In Britain, traditionally Boxing Day is also celebrated by going fox hunting which was followed by hot beverages from taverns. This is still continued and also includes games like horse races and rugby. Many may wonder why the festival is named Boxing Day. This is because the gifts and money given out on this day were called Christmas boxes, thus the name. If the date falls on a weekend, then it is observed the following Monday. 

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    How Is Boxing Day Celebrated In The US?

    Shopping Sprees
    Shopping Sprees

    In the US, celebrations on Boxing Day are quite different. There aren’t many celebrations. But there would still be a casual dinner with the Christmas leftovers. Other than that it is just a day that comes between Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

    It is not a holiday in the US but a bank holiday in the UK and many of its former territories. So Americans go back to their jobs following the Christmas holidays. But it is a good time to go shopping and bag all items that you can get through a discount. 

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