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    Lost Klimt Art ‘Portrait of Fräulein Lieser’ Which Surfaced After a Century Gets Sold At An Auction For $32 Million

    The art world reeled with excitement in April 2024 when a long-lost Gustav Klimt masterpiece, Portrait of Fräulein Lieser‘, resurfaced after a century and sold at auction for a staggering $32 million. The portrait was allegedly Klimt’s last work before his death.

    Previously, it was taken during the Nazi era and was believed to be lost. However, in a turn of events, it was revealed that a private collector secretly kept the painting despite there being a law of returning art that was once confiscated by the Nazis.

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    The History Of Klimt’s ‘Portrait of Fräulein Lieser’

    Gustav Klimt
    Gustav Klimt

    Klimt was known for his opulent compositions adorned with gold leaf, began work on ‘Portrait of Fräulein Lieser’ but left it unfinished upon his death in 1918. The painting’s trail then went cold. Theories swirled about its fate, with some fearing it was destroyed during World War II

    Decades passed with no sign of the portrait. However, in early 2024, a private collector emerged with the painting, igniting a frenzy in the art world. Experts authenticated the work and everything matched from its style to its material. The news sent shockwaves through the art community.  

    However, The resurfacing of the art wasn’t without its complications. The painting’s ownership history between 1925 and the 1960s remains shrouded in mystery, a period coinciding with the rise of the Nazi regime in Austria. Additionally, no evidence suggests the painting was confiscated, raising questions about potential wartime looting.  

    Despite the historical intrigue, the auction house handling the sale emphasized the painting’s artistic merit. The bidding war at the Vienna auction was intense, culminating in a record-breaking sale of $32 million. The anonymous buyer, a Hong Kong gallery, secured the painting, ensuring its future preservation and public display.

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    About The ‘Portrait Of Fräulein Lieser’

    Portrait of Fräulein Lieser
    Portrait of Fräulein Lieser

    In 1917, ‘Portrait of Fräulein Lieser’ was commissioned by a wealthy Jewish industrialist’s family. It depicted a young woman named Lieser. Klimt even back then was a symbolist painter known for his opulent portraits and use of gold leaf. He began work but tragically left it unfinished upon his death in 1918

    Despite Klimt dying in 1918 his art still lives within the art enthusiasts. The painting vanishing remained a mystery for the next 100 years. The painting having such a dramatic and intriguing history ironically resonates with Klimt’s art style. Additionally, despite him dying years ago his art being sold for over $30 million speaks volumes about his talent

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