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    Why Society’s Treatment Of Transgender Individuals Is A Human Rights Crisis?

    We all are born differently. By different I mean how we think or see the world. Every individual has a mindset that is unique in their own way. But there is another difference that is related to our physical body. That’s where the word transgender sets in. It basically means someone whose gender identity is different from what they were assigned at birth.

    We live in a world of electric cars, smartphones, and artificial intelligence. But trans people still face discrimination all over the world. The exclusion mainly comes from age-old orthodox beliefs and regressive mindsets of people who see this rainbow-colored world in black and white.

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    It Isn’t Easy Being A Transgender In This World

    Sign of equality and inclusivity
    Sign of equality and inclusivity

    Transgender people have been struggling to fit into society for ages. In recent years, the ideas and information around this have broadened and eventually, the term LGBTQ+ communities was coined.

    This was to include all the people with diverse sexual identities under one umbrella term. But nothing hasn’t really changed on the ground level. People from the transgender community face discrimination and are marginalized from a very young age.

    Trans kids are bullied in school by their peers. There is also a lack of gender-sensitive washrooms in schools and public places. They are even rejected by their own family members and often face discrimination in employment opportunities, healthcare, and housing. Because of all this, they have a higher suicide rate than anyone else. Imagine pushing someone to the corner so hard that they are forced to end their own life!

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    Not Many People Support Policies Favoring Trans Community

    A transwoman protesting on street
    A transwoman protesting on street

    It might seem like things have changed if you look at Twitter or Instagram. But they haven’t for a sizable population. Many trans women are also labeled as a “man” in sports which gives us a sneak peek at our shallow mindsets and lack of awareness.

    According to Pew Research Centre, in the US, the general public is sympathetic toward trans people and does not condone discrimination. But most of them do not support policies for medical care for gender transition surgeries and other things.

    This underlines the deep-rooted disdain most people have for someone who is not like us. But why can’t we simply accept the philosophy of live and let live? Why is it so hard for us to realize and accept the fact that they are human beings just like us?

    Changes in the policy might be a starting point but changing our mindset will transform things for good. One argument is given around the lack of awareness surrounding the meaning of trans people. If that’s the case then just google it. That does not give a license to anyone to become a bully or moral police. Denying them their basic rights borders on cruelty and that has no place in this world. So let’s just be better human beings. Let’s just end discrimination and welcome inclusivity.

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