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    ‘Captain America 4’ Announced: Is Chris Evans Returning To The Franchise?

    San Diego Comic-Con 2022 has brought a bunch of brand new updates specially for Marvel fans. The Hall H panel was almost on fire with back-to-back announcements of upcoming movies and shows. But an announcement in particular that received the most applause was ‘Captain America 4‘.

    The movie will be the second last on the list of MCU’s phase 4 creations. Fans are quite excited to treat their eyes to the mysterious origin story of Anthony Mackie’s Sam Wilson as the new Captain America. But that leads to the question – what about Chris Evans’ Steve Rogers?

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    Will Steve Rogers Appear In ‘Captain America 4’?

    Captain America
    Chris Evans as Captain America

    Bringing up new origin stories has been the main theme of Marvel phase 4 so far. Well, Anthony Mackie’s Sam Wilson is not an exception. By the final episode of 2021’s ‘The Falcon and the Winter Soldier‘, the character Wilson fully embraced his own Captain America persona and is now set to continue his story in ‘Captain America: New World Order’. The film is scheduled for release on May 3, 2024.

    There is no doubt that the upcoming masterpiece will feature Mackie as Cap. But what about Steve Rogers? Fans are claiming that he was supposed to have a post-endgame story as he was just old, but not dead at the end. The hopes resulted in a rumor that Chris Evans might appear in a short cameo in ‘Captain America 4‘, even if he is no longer Captain America.

    Back in 2021, Deadline reported that the actor was “expected” to reprise his MCU role “in some form,” and “in at least one Marvel property with the door open for a second film.” Well, that pretty much acted as a catalyst to all the rumors, even though Evans denied each claim.

    Despite all of the denials, fans are still hoping to see Chris Evans’ Steve Rogers share the screen with the new Cap in a brief appearance. Fans are speculating that the actor might appear as a mentor to Mackie’s Wilson in the upcoming movie.

    Chris Evans Opens Up About His Return To MCU

    Chris Evans and Anthony Mackie
    Chris Evans and Anthony Mackie

    In a recent interview with Disney D23 Podcast, Chris Evans opened up about whether he is planning to return to the screen as Captain America again or not. Unfortunately, it seems he has happily handed over his power shield to Anthony Mackie and believes that he would be a great successor to the iconic role.

    Evans said, “No, I don’t think so. I mean it was a really unbelievable ride and the character’s just so dear to me and I’m just so precious with it. To return to the role, I mean the truth is, the role isn’t even mine anymore. The role is Anthony Mackie’s. So, you know, even if there was a different incarnation, not as Captain America, but you know for Steve Rogers, even that would feel… I’d be very cautious, just because I love that chapter of my life professionally, personally. I love what those movies accomplished and to revisit it and potentially have some weird extension to that legacy would be upsetting if it didn’t land. So it would require a near-perfect recipe and it may just not be in the cards.”

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